Is The Alexa Echo The Best Amazon Product Yet? Yes It Is!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

There are many days when I am blown away by something and today was one of them lovelies. After waiting a little while to review the product, my house had its own Humans like object in it today called Alexa. A bit confusing for my dad who is still getting used to my brother's girlfriend’s name. 

Kindly Amazon had sent me the Alexa Echo to trial. Upon opening the box I found it to be heavier than I expected. I imagined a light eight object like their tablets and fire sticks are, but what I got was quite a weighty object. However, it didn’t put my off finding a great place for it in my living room whilst I trialed it out. 

Once it sat and found its home on our fireplace, I followed the instructions to see how the product worked. After simply plugging it in, you need to download the app, something that could be highlighted more before buying the product and then use the step by step guide to set the product up. There is a helpful video along the way to show you what to do and the app stores all of the things you have asked Alexa and what she has told you, in case you forget what she has told you. 

This information includes everything from your grocery shopping to putting on the local radio station. I loved the simple way that I could be across the room doing something else and I could still ask her to tell me the time, what the weather was like and how my train journey to work was looking tomorrow morning. A perfect item if you are in a rush in the morning. 

To trial it fully I asked all the questions that are given to you on a helpful sheet in the packaging. I also made sure to get the volume just right at all times, which was helpful when my dad who is a little hard of hearing wanted to know when his football team was playing next. I can confirm Burnley will be playing at 3pm on Saturday. 

Although the item is a little heavy it is sleek, stylish and a great accessory to have. I loved that you could get extensions for the pod, so instead of having to buy the big product again, you could use the tiny Echo’s to do the same thing. Plus, it worked with the other devices to enable changes to be made, for example, I had been listening to Prime Music on my laptop and it asked if it could stop it to play on the Echo speaker. 

The product also has the fun things that remind you of when Siri was first introduced. Alexa will answer you if you ask for a joke if it loves you and I haven’t tried it but apparently, a lot of people have been asking it if it will marry them. 

Overall I really liked this product. I liked how fun, easy and stylish it is as a gadget and I am definitely going to be looking into investing in one of them. I think it may be the best Amazon product yet lovelies. 

To find out more about them click here and the Alexa Echo and the Echo Dot:

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Joey X

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