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‘Debug’ stars one man who managed to make me watch ‘Game of Thrones’ and then made me stop watching it when he died! Jason Momoa who starred in the show, stars in this space film that will take you all over the place. 

This computer/space film will send audiences into a frenzy at the special effects and action that are being combined together in this plot. While many films have worked with the computer space world, this one is very different, because it becomes a bit of an action film with a twist. 

Many audience members will be shocked with what they actually end up with and witness, because I don’t think anyone will get what they imagine it to be like. 

As for the acting Momoa is still brilliant! Iam is an interesting action hero that Momoa manages to convey with ease. He gets into the mind of the character well and brings back that spirit that I haven’t seen him convey since he was in GOT. I wish that he had tried to build the character a little more, but with all of the action he was facing it was not needed that much. 

Therefore I am debugging this film with this…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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