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I will admit to you all lovelies that I haven’t seen many episodes of ‘Mad Men’ but I have seen a few and I do know the plot of the show, due to my friends going on about it, so I thought I would check out the beginning of the last series to see if I should watch it from the start. 

From the onset of the show I was hooked into the world of Don Draper and the office environment. Set at the end of the 60s many problems still trouble Mr Draper and the end of an era begins with him trying to deal with these, as well as the issues the members of his office are suffering from. 

It is definitely a show that I can see myself becoming addicted to, as the acting is superb and the way in which they all carry themselves on screen and struggle with their own issues on screen make it very appealing. As I viewer I wanted to know that these characters were going to help each other and to find out how they are going to end up. 

One plot point that I really enjoyed in the series was the build up to the moon landing, I felt that this plot made it seem like the show is also building up to a huge moment involving Draper that could impact his characters his history. 

An element that I must talk about, that I think has already impacted history is the clothes. I want to go back to the 60s and wear their clothes and have the same hairstyles as them! It all looks perfect in a world that isn’t! This show is definitely a history maker. 

Overall even though I didn’t know much about the show I can definitely see myself falling in love with it. It is an addictive watch, which series 7 part 1 does not disappoint. This is a must watch for all fans. 

Therefore I am giving Draper and his office, this mad…

4 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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