Get Seedy This Summer With Munchy Seeds Gorgeous Packs!


Whether you are on the go or just a fan of a different kind of breakfast topper, Munchy Seeds could be just the thing for you! With so many flavours available, there is a packet for everyone to enjoy. We asked our neighbours to help us taste test them on the blog! Find out what everyone thought of these wholesome goodies right here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

It can be so hard to make sure that you and your family are getting the best foods for you all daily! From breakfast to snacks, right down until dinner, there are so many choices available, it is a real trivia when standing in the food aisle. Yet, thankfully, Munchy Seeds have created handy packs of seeds, in both big and small editions that can boost your energy easily. 

Made up of pumpkin, sunflower and seedy mixtures, with the added editions of dried fruits at times, these handy packets, mean you can create little snack boxes, add a sprinkle to your breakfast bowls or salad dishes and whip up a gorgeous seedy loaf at any time of day, without any hassle or fuss. Plus, with different flavours on hand, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Kindly, the team gave me a few big bags to try and instantly I knew what I needed to do. Grabbing my neighbour and her children, plus my mum, we did a trial run to see how the seeds went down in their lunchboxes at school. Whilst also tasting them on top of their porridge and cereals.

When it came to the berry mix, my neighbour and mum loved adding them into their cereals, porridges and granola dishes. Whilst the more savoury kind, such as the toasted and cumin based packs added a punch to their curries, stews and even banana breads in our case. It was safe to say that they went down a right treat, with each taster loving them.

After a busy day at school, I asked the boys what they thought. They loved the change and found them easy to pick up and enjoy on the go. One of them kept it until after school to enjoy as a snack on the way home. However, the company does snack packs too, which means that this can easily be added in daily too. My neighbour stated that she would definitely be looking to add more if the seeded blends into their lunches at school, as well as to her own bag when she is on the go. 

The boys had so much energy after eating them and she was happy with how healthy they were. Plus, their breakfasts and my mum’s, got so many happy moans that it was  easy to see that they would be returning too. 

Overall, Munchy Seeds have made a number of products that will go down well with any family of seed lovers. In fact it will go down well with all! At an affordable price, they are a true delight and one that is convenient, enjoyable and different. Head to their website to find out more lovelies! I already know my neighbour has aha! 

Joey X

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