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With skin care an essential in our house, I am always on the look out for new brands that can help with mine and my family’s conditions. Seeking softer, blemish reducing products has become an essential for us when buying new ones. Thankfully, Bathing Beauty has made some that are wonderful, as they left our skin feeling so much better! Discover more here!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Living with anorexia, asthma, Raynaud’s Syndrome and anxiety causes my skin to go a little wild. Sometimes I find my body covered in itchy rashes. Other times it is so delicate that any little cream or skincare product can harm it. However, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to find products that prevent these issues. 

After speaking to the team at Bathing Beauty, especially the wonderful George, I was interested in finding out more about their brand. Created by osteopaths, the vegan friendly products are created mindfully to help everyone’s wellbeing become their best. 

Free from plastics, palm oil and cruel practices, the team were happy to help me, kindly sending me their Cocoa Lipslick, Soothe Oil and Miracle Oat and Honey Soap to trial. Upon receiving the package in the post, I could smell the refreshing aromas from the moment I opened it. 

The soap had a beautiful smell that was strong but subtle. Wrapped in plantable labels and compostable paper, the soap was easily slotted next to our bathroom sink for all to try. Having found that foaming soaps cause my hands to become dry, due to my Raynaud’s, I found that when using this it was like my hands were getting not just clean but also oiled up. But not in a sticky way. They felt like they had been well creamed and in no time at all my hands felt a lot better. 

A similar thing occurred when I used the lipslick. In an easy to open sliding tray, I was expecting to find a hard balm. Yet, this was just the right level of softness. It glided onto my finger and lips with no problems, getting to work right away. Unlike other glosses or balms, this one was not sticky. It soaked right in to leave pain free lips with a super soft feel. I didn’t need to use a lot or apply it loads to make a difference. A great find during the hot summer months when my lips really suffer. 

Finally, I gifted the oil to my mum to use. Featuring lavender, I didn’t want to use it and be biased, as I can’t stand the smell of it lovelies. However, my mum loves it, as she finds it really helps to ease the pain in her legs, caused by lymphoedema. After having a bath one night, she pressed the pump a few times to get enough oil for her legs. Letting it soak in, she told me later on that it wasn’t sticky, but instead soothing and cooling on her normally really hot legs. 

She felt like the one application had done a fantastic job, stating to me that you wouldn’t use up a whole bottle quickly, as a little goes a long way. Since the first time, she has been using this every few days and loving the new feel that she is finding after each application. 

Having both never heard of Bathing Beauty before we were sent these items, we really loved what we found. George has made a bunch of products that she can be proud of. They are truly brilliant and I can’t encourage you all enough to try them for yourselves lovelies! They have so much to offer and I will definitely be buying more of these new beauty heroes! 

Joey X

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