INITIO Have Made The Ultimate Summer Scent Collection!


Full of six fantastic fragrances, this new set of smells from INITIO Parfums highlights their brilliance at being able to make products that work for all. Converting me into their biggest fan, there is a smell for every occasion or important moment. When using them, you will make memories for life! Find out why here and have your summer event changed for life!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

After spending the whole morning and afternoon shopping in London, I was upset to find that the perfume I wanted was unavailable. However, that sadness was soon lifted when I found an exciting parcel on my doorstep, which housed some incredible perfumes inside. 

Fresh from the INITIO team, the Initiation Coffret set featured six 10ml bottles of some of their boldest and most beautiful scents ever. Fit for all, the unisex fragrances were fit for any occasion, as there was an aroma for every situation. Even smells I don’t normally like spoke out to me. 

Featuring the wonderful Atomic Rose, Blessed Baraka, Musk Therapy, Rehab, Oud For Greatness and Side Effects smells, each bottle packed a punch. Spraying each one separately on little bits of paper, I instantly knew which ones were my ultimate favourites. 

Rehab and Side Effects spoke to me like you would believe. Whilst Amber Rose converted me into a fan of the smell of roses, which I don’t normally like.  It had a beautifully subtle floral essence to it that was gorgeous when applied onto the skin. 

Each smell though had me feeling confident, sexy and bold. Whether worn during the day or when out at night, the perfumes lasted from morning to night. They even lingered on my clothes long after I had stopped wearing them. The smells weren’t too overpowering though. They gave off just the right amount of power to make them a wonder. 

Priced at £180, the perfumes are a premium selection. However, they earn the right to be. You don’t need to use much to make an impact. This means that they can be used a lot, with the need to buy more not thought of for a long time, as a little goes a long way. 

Plus, with six different smells, you can choose which is the right one for you on each day. Slotting one into my bag for when I go away, I know that these will see me well through my holiday.

As a huge fan of this brand and perfume, these little bottles are simply perfect for me and I can’t recommend them enough. INITIO are making me fall for them even more with every scent that I smell of theirs. I can’t wait to hear out and face the day or night when wearing them. I really can’t recommend them enough! If you are seeking a new summer scent or a fancy gift for someone then this might just be the set to get lovelies! It will stay with you or them for a lifetime! I promise! 

Joey X

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