Visit The Sea Life Centre In Blackpool With Us!


Who doesn’t love a trip to the Sea Life Centre? For me, there is something so magical when it comes to exploring the animals we don’t get to see everyday. Plus, my favourite animal is a sea turtle, so I always jump at the chance to go! Find out what happened when our little blogger Mia took a trip to the Blackpool venue!

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few years ago, I headed into Blackpool city centre to celebrate my birthday. At 27, most people would have spent it at a restaurant or a bar. However, I wanted to explore the Sea Life Centre, located right by the sea front. Heading into the building, I was greeted by a lovely set of staff, who welcomed me in and allowed me to hold and stroke a starfish. It’s a memory that I will never forget! 

So, when I was kindly offered the chance to return, with my little bloggers coming too, I couldn’t say no. I wanted them to experience the magic that I had. I wanted them to see the marvels that make our sea beds so wondrous. Little Mia was more than happy to come along, dressing up in her cutest outfit and Start Rite shoes for the adventure under the sea. 

Upon arriving at the building at our chosen booking time of 10am, the staff were quick to welcome us in. The whole admission system was really easy and after scanning our tickets, we were led into the main attraction. Straightaway, the adventure begins, as the lights go dim and the sea comes to life. 

With fish and other aquatic animals everywhere you look, Mia couldn’t decide which ones to look at first. From familiar Finding Nemo like creatures to hard as steel sharks, the more Mia saw, the more amazed she became. Even getting up close with some of them. 

She didn’t fear anything that she saw, taking in every sight and sound, including the talk given by Kyle about the sharks. All of the staff were brilliant when it came to interacting with the children, knowing how to address each one and their needs. It truly made for a more rewarding experience. 

We loved the little touches that were out on display, including the microscopes and opportunities to feed and touch the animals in a very safe way. Coming along for the journey, we had Finley with us, who is a new little blogger, obsessed with animals. He loved it too and was able to help guide Mia towards each species, as he knows an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to animals. 

The whole trip was a fantastic one that kept the whole family entertained. Spending around two hours at the venue, there was plenty to do and see, which all ages can enjoy. The staff are super friendly, have lots of impressive knowledge and know how to keep the animals happy and safe. It felt magical, to walk out of the venue at the end to see the sea. The place in which these majestic creatures live in.

We can’t thank the Merlin team for inviting us to experience this trip to one of their Sea Life Centres. It was truly lovely and I am certain that we will be back very very soon for more fun with these sea loving animals! 

Joey X

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