We Taste Tested LoveRaw’s New Vegan Chocolate Balls! Here’s What Happened…


Who says that you can’t enjoy chocolate if you are vegan? With gorgeous silky chocolate, refreshing cream and whole nuts, their newest edition is one that you are not going to want to miss! Bigger in size too, they are better than most big named brands. Find out what happened when my mum put the chocolate balls to the test for the blog…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Years ago, the world of vegan food was non existent! People made jokes about leaves and vegetables, however, companies far and wide have proved them wrong! Especially when it comes to the world of vegan chocolates and sweets! 

From Easter Eggs to advent calendars, there are loads of ways vegan chocolate has left its mark. Yet, there is one company that is leading the way and that is LoveRaw. With tons of chocolate bars being reinvented to feature their unique ingredients, they have made it possible for everyone to enjoy the luxury smooth chocolatey tastes that they may have missed before. 

Including their newest family member, the Nutty Choc Balls Box. Packaged in a gorgeously gold box, the nine individually wrapped balls are perfect for sharing, gifting or slipping into pack lunches or bags for on the go enjoyment. However, in our house, they were unveiled in an interesting taste test with my mum, after I was kindly gifted them by the company.

Now, I am going to admit that I don’t really like Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which these see, to be based on, as I had a chocolate eating contest with my brother once, which led to a severe migraine and sickness. However, my mum loves them. She always gets a box on special occasions and won’t offer many to anyone. There so, I was interested to see if she could tell the difference. 

Unwrapping the chocolate before she saw the difference, I handed her the ball to try. Automatically, she stated that it seemed bigger than the other brand she knows. With a thick chocolate coating, she took her first bite, uncovering layers of crispy water and the iconic whole hazelnut inside. After a few chews, she finished the bite, giving her time to tell me her first thoughts. 

Declaring it to be fresher in taste, my mum began to explain that the chocolate was smooth and rich, whilst the wafer seemed like it had only just been made. The nut was perfectly crunchy and the whole taste was actually better than the bigger brand. Handing her the wrapper, she was in fact shocked to find that it wasn’t the brand she knew. She later went on, after finishing the whole thing, that it was better than the ones she always had and would never have guessed that they were vegan. 

Impressed with how the first taste test went, we carried on, after a quick drink, to try the LoveRaw White Choc Cre&m Wafer bars. Modelled like the white chocolate Kinder Bueno bars, there was two sticks inside their beautiful packaging. Handing her one of them, my mum broke off a segment from one of the bars, to unveil the crisp wafer  and silky smooth cre&m filling inside. All of which had previously been hidden by their thick vegan white chocolate. 

Popping the piece in her mouth, my mum actually moaned. Something I was not expecting! Declaring that the cream was so nice, she said it had a beautiful hazelnut taste, which was refreshing to her. There was no hint of anything fake about it. She stated that it felt like the bar had literally just been made. Continuing on, she told me that the chocolate was so tasty that you would never guess it didn’t have the ingredients that are in normal bars. Overall leading to another success! 

Having never tried vegan chocolates before, my mum was pleasantly surprised by what she tried from LoveRaw. Feeling confident now that she could pick them up in a shop, she stated that she would happily recommend them to others. Looking on their website, she even said that she would happily trial more out and will be keeping an eye out for them in the future. LoveRaw have made a fantastic product that everyone can enjoy it seems! Another taste test success complete! 

Joey X

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