Shine The Summer Away With Sky Austria’s New Jewels


Summer means bare skin, blue skies filled with bright sunshine, colourful outfits and shiny jewellery! After years of looking for a simple necklace, the team at Sky Austria have created the most perfect pieces that will elevate any outfit this sunny season. From subtle plain chains, pearl inspired gems to gorgeous coloured clover items, find out our experience with the brand right here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Summer is in the air and with it comes all the latest fashion and trends available! One thing that never goes out of fashion is jewellery. Summer just feels like the right time to wear your finest gem, allowing it to sparkle in the sunshine. So, when the amazing Sky Austria got in touch to tell me about their latest pieces, I couldn’t air to find out more. 

Offering me the incredible chance to try one of their items, I selected their 3MM Rope Chain in gold, which I thought would be perfect to go with the ring I have that was my dad’s. Priced at £34.99, the chain comes in three different lengths including 18, 20 and 22 inches, making it accessible to all sexes. Plus, with free shipping around the world that was super quick, it is easy to get the piece. 

After only three days, the chain arrived in a beautiful black box. Sliding it open, I found a little leather bag inside, which when opened had the wrapped chain inside. Unveiling the necklace, I was greeted with a beautiful gold gleam, outshining everything else in the room. 

At first, I will admit that I was a little worried about the length, as I don’t like necklaces to be too tight around my neck. However, there was no need to worry in the end. The whole piece fitted perfectly after I tried it. Even with the addition of my dad’s ring, it hung just right, with no added weight pulling my neck down or being uncomfortable. 

The chain felt super strong, with the lobster clasp feeling like it would never come undone, even though the chain was easy to take off and put on. I loved the rope detail, which felt best for my type of style. The gold plating didn’t aggravate my neck at all either, proving the company knows just what they need to do to impress customers.  

When wearing the chain, I couldn’t stop touching it, as I was so in awe of it. I felt like it stood out and my clothes looked better. I could see why Connell wore his so much in Normal People aha! It just made me feel better. So much so that my mum asked to give it a try to. 

She wears a necklace every day that never comes off. However, she likes to know which brands are good, in case hers was to ever break. The necklace really impressed her to the point that she said that it reminded her of more expensive brands. 

Overall, we were both really happy with the products that Sky Austria sent us. At an affordable price for really good quality, they are now a shop that we will use when we can. Summer is a time to shine and this brand can help you do just that. Find out more on their website lovelies and sparkly the days away! 

Joey X

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