Get Wrapped Up In SilverGuard’s Beautiful Towels This Summer


Get ready to be wrapped up in the softest towels ever! Made with pioneering technology, the towels have been created with only the best cotton available, embedding silver inside to help protect you from damaging elements that can harm the skin’s barrier. You can’t help but wonder why you haven’t brought them before when using for the first time. Find out why here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

There is no better feeling after having a pamper session than that of fresh towels on silky smooth skin! Honestly, give me a Sunday full of self care and I am your person! I adore freshly shaved skin, clean PJs and washed crisp sheets. However, a crisp cotton towel is just as good too. 

This is what led me to being so interested in finding out more about SilverGuard, a new towelling brand, powered by ionic+, who use the power of silver to help keep everyone safe. With breathable technology, the brand’s commitment has seen them make products that not only have a long lifespan, but also self-cleaning technologies too. 

After the effects of Covid, the towels have been made with only the best organic cotton, which you experience from the first touch. Kindly gifted a sample from the team, I was amazed at the softness I found when I unboxed the two towels I was given. Placed inside an environmentally friendly ziplock bag, I discovered a face cloth and hand towel inside my parcel. 

Beautifully white, they gleamed under a light, whilst the cotton felt unbelievably soft and cosy. I’d never felt anything quite like it I have to admit. The feel left me so excited that I instantly went into my bathroom to use the face cloth within my evening routine. Dampening the cloth, I ran the warmed material around my face, instantly feeling refreshed. It was like nothing else I have ever used. I could actually feel the silver working its magic. 

This led to me to try the hand towel. Placing it on our towel rail, I allowed it to warm up for a bit before putting it to the test. Washing my hands in the sink close by, I dashed over to pick up the towel to dry them. With hands that are prone to splitting because of my illnesses, the towel didn’t feel as rough on them as others do. It was nice to discover, as I did worry that I would get blood on them. However, their silver elements and soft touch eased those worries right away. 

SilverGuard are a brand that is definitely changing the game when it comes to home decor and bathing. With so many other products available, I could happily put even more items around my home. The day a towelling robe comes out, I will be on it like nobodies business. Definitely try and take a look at their website lovelies, as they are really creating something magical. I’m honestly wrapped up in love with them! 

Joey X

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