Sip The Summer Away With The Real Drinks Co.


Forget the real deal when it comes to wine this summer! It’s time to go for The Real Drinks Co. instead, who make tasty sparkling wines from incredible loose leaf herbal teas! Fruity and full of bubbles, you will not believe that what you are drinking isn’t actually wine. My mum loved it so much she didn’t want to share. Find out why here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

As we near the end of April, it seems like the world is ready to party. In only a few weeks time, it will be my favourite party night of the year, Eurovision. This calls for a huge celebration that everyone can enjoy. Even those that don’t drink, as the brilliant The Real Drinks Co. have made a product fit for a party and the pool. 

Created using a non-alcoholic fermentation process, The Real Drinks Co. take the finest loose leaf teas and turn them into a sparkling wine alternative that will have everyone up and dancing. Including my mum, who was only to happy to sample them, after the team sent me some amazing samples to try. 

Gifting me with their Royal Flush and Dry Dragon flavours, the teas are made to be low in sugar, with no gluten or allergens, relying on the natural flavours of the teas to make an impact. Both of which have won some incredible awards too! And from the reactions I got from my mum I could see why. 

Deciding to start with the Royal Flush tea, I poured her a glass of what is said to be a champagne alternative. Made with Darjeeling tea, the wine popped like a normal wine, giving off a very fruity smell. Having just dished up her food that night, which was a chicken based meal, she sipped it alongside her dinner. Upon her first taste, she went back in for another before giving me her reaction. 

Automatically she told me that you wouldn’t think it was a tea based drink. The fruit in the drink overtook it in a really pleasant way, especially when chilled, as the notes added a great taste to the meal she was having. 

When her friend popped by a few days later, she also poured her a glass and even she couldn’t tell it was wine free. It was just like a rosé to the pair of them. However, my mum said there was an added joy to it knowing that she wouldn’t wake up with a funny head.

After a successful first trial, we moved onto the second drink a week later. Called Dry Dragon, the white wine inspired drink, is made from Dragonwell green tea, yet, with hints of lemon and chestnuts on top. Described as zesty on their website, my mum said it was exactly like that. It reminded her of a good wine that you would have with an epic dessert at the end of a meal. Or a refreshing closing drink to chill out with. 

The tea is described to go well with shellfish, which my mum said she could definitely see. She said that the next time she made a fish dish, she would try it, so I will let you know how she gets on with it. 

Overall, the drinks went down a treat and my mum is now a huge fan. I am definitely going to be getting some in for our next dinner party or celebrations, as I truly think people won’t be able to tell the difference. Plus, Michelin starred chefs suggest it too, which is always a good thing. To find out more and to give them a try yourself, head to their website now lovelies! I’m sure you will love what you sip! 

Joey X

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