Find The Most Unusual Perfumes Thanks To The Demeter Fragrance Library


What is your signature scent? Musk? Floral? Baby Powder? Yes, with the help of the incredible team at Demeter Fragrance Library, you can now find smells that you never would have before. All of which equally amazing! After being kindly sent seven classic fragrances from their library to try, I was left very very impressed. Read on to discover why I loved it…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Summer is the ultimate time to try out a new perfume! Whether it be from a faithful brand or somewhere new, the smells can always bring us back to those happy, sunny moments when we smell them. For me, if I smell anything with coconut, I always think of trips away. If it is autumn time, then it is the rich smells of cinnamon and nutmeg that transport me into cosy season. 

Therefore, when I was asked if I would like to put an interesting perfume brand to the test, I couldn’t help but say yes. The Demeter Fragrance Library are a company I used to look at in Boots, however, I never got round to buying one, even after their scents interested me. 

From baby powder to pumpkin spice latte, they make perfumes that smell like our favourite things. Even Play Dough lovelies! Kindly, the team gifted me seven different scents to try and I was very impressed with the mix that I got. Each one was different but the one I wanted to try the most was luckily included. 

Upon my parcel arriving, I found Mountain Air, Grass, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Suntan Lotion, Sandalwood, Laundromat and Mesquite inside. I will admit that I was a little worried about a few of them, however, smelling them each before I applied them, there weren’t any I didn’t like the smell of. 

Starting with the Pumpkin Spice Latte, I applied the roll on to my wrists, neck and behind my ears. Just like I do with my normal perfumes. As the moisture set in, the smell got stronger, but in a pleasant way. One that was able to be smelt by others but not to much that it choked them. With such a subtle smell, it reminded me of the beauty of Christmas, which is always a winner to me. 

However, it was the fresher scents I was also interested in, as these are the ones I got to during summer. Picking up the suntan lotion scent, I did the same as above the next day. Instantly, I felt transported to a beach, lounging by the sea. My mum even asked me if I had applied a scented one on this day, as she wanted to use it herself. I felt confident wearing it and loved that this was the feeling it gave me. 

Over the course of a week, I tried all of the scents and found my confidence building with them. Even the Mesquite fragrance, which was the one I was most nervous about, won me over. Now though, I’ve found that I want to keep building my library, just to see if I can get people to guess the right smells. 

I was so impressed with the whole experience and can’t wait to buy more in the future. With a whole library to choose from, their website is definitely one to look at to find the one for you lovely. I’m eyeing up the sweet treat scented ones next! I’m very grateful though to get the ones I did. If you catch me at anytime, I have a feeling I may just be wearing the pumpkin spice one! You will have to guess to find out aha! 

Joey X

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