The Mayfair Chippy: Is It The Best Fish & Chips In London? Yes It Is!


Last night, we headed to the fantastic restaurant, The Mayfair Chippy, based in the heart of London, to review their menu. And it was safe to say that it was absolutely incredible! With queues forming along the road to get in, our experience proved just why that was, as plans are already being made to go back. Find out our thoughts here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I was kindly offered the chance to head to The Mayfair Chippy in London to review their menu. Sadly, yesterday, the day we were due to go, I woke up with a terrible stomachache, which left me crippled in pain. So, being the star that she is, my mum headed to the restaurant with her friend Celine to test the food for the blog. Something she was more than happy to do! 

Having never heard of The Mayfair Chippy before, we were quick to look up the menu, after being offered the chance to have a three course meal with bubbles too. As soon as you Google the restaurant, you find yourself faced with five star reviews and raving pieces about the place. The build up to going just got even more exciting from it. 

After getting dressed up and checking I was okay, my mum left in a very merry state. Upon arriving in London, the pair found the restaurant to be only a short walk away from Marble Arch station. Turning up at the door, the queue to get in was going up the road, as people awaited the chance to enjoy the best fish and chips in London. Whether that be sitting in or taking away to have it. 

Known for being the best fish and chips in London by many, the fact that the restaurant allows guests to stay or go is really encouraging. After bagging the goods, you could enjoy the beauty of the food, whilst either dining in or enjoying the views whilst working along with them too. For the review, my mum was invited to sit in, so she headed to the door and gave over her name, before being led to a table, where a waiter called Michael and another greeted her with a bottle of Piper Champagne

With the bubbles now bubbling, the pair looked to the menu one final time to make their choices. After much debating, my mum decided on the salt and pepper squid, accompanied with a chilli, lime and ginger dip, to start, whilst Celine went for the Chapel and Swan smoked salmon, with fresh bread, a celeriac and mustard remoulade and capers. Both told me that the dishes were really fresh in taste, with plenty of flavour. 

Mum stated that the squid was cooked perfectly, with the batter being the perfect amount with a great amount of spice to it. She was worried it would be tough or chewy, yet she stated it was soft and cooked just right. The salmon dish looked and tasted like it had just been caught, with the bread being beautifully bouncy, resembling the texture and taste of a loaf that had just come out of the oven. Topped with the sauce, it was a fresh, juicy and delightful first course.

Having been overjoyed by the starters, the pair were now even more elated to get to their main courses. Opting for the steamed mussels with sourdough bread and white wine sauce, Celine was amazed at the amount she got. Prizing open the shells, she could tell that the dish had been made with fish caught that day. They slipped out onto the tongue easily, leaving a wave of gorgeous tastes in her mouth. When placed onto the bread, she said it was even better, as the two mixed together to make an excellent dish. 

Whilst she enjoyed this, my mum went for the more traditional course. The Mayfair Chippy classic fish and chips! Served with in-house created mushy peas (though my mum changed hers to just garden peas), curry and tartar sauce, the fried cod came with plenty of chunky chips that showed off how elite the dish was. Taking her first bite of the fish, my mum told me was like an out of this world experience. She loved how the batter wasn’t oily, but moist enough to give off the best flavours. A fact she said about the chips too.

Cutting into the batter, the fish inside crumbled onto the chips, leaving a wake of wonder and awe, especially when eaten. When the sauces were added, the whole dish was enriched in wonder. Something my mum said must have been a real winner for many, as she saw lots of takeaway orders being left with pots of sauces added to them. Everything so far had been a dream the pair told me, with even a celebrity popping by to get his Saturday night takeaway. 

Impressed beyond anything they could have imagined, they were both ready for their desserts. Mum decided to have three scoops of their ice cream, picking the salted caramel, strawberry and clotted cream flavours, whilst Celine opted for their classic warm chocolate pudding with cinder toffee and salted caramel ice cream. Both enriching the meal, the puddings went down perfectly with the rest of the bubbly. 

Mum stated that the ice cream was a great cleanser to end the night on, as it was a refreshing dish to have after the gorgeous fish and chips. Whilst her friend found the chocolate really moist and rich in flavour. Both stated that they savoured the final course, as they didn’t want the meal to end. 

Upon finishing, they said a huge thank you to everyone, after being handed a bag of sweets to enjoy on the way home, before bidding a farewell to Michael, who had been a real star throughout, before heading into the city to head home. Both feeling full and fantastic!

Both told me that they would definitely go back, with my mum wishing that my dad had been around to try the dishes, as she knows he would have loved them. Already plans are already being made for their return with our families going together in the summer. A classic place with a real heart for good food,drinks and community in the heart of the city, The Mayfair Chippy is a Michelin Starred restaurant waiting to happen. Let’s hope they get the award soon! 

Joey X

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