Rebel Deluxe Is The Brand Your Beard Needs


Finally, it was time to put my brother to the test, as I asked him to sample a new beard care range for us all. Pampering to the point of super soft skin was just one of the things he found when using Rebel Deluxe, the brand that keeps on giving, becoming his skin care must have! Find out why he loves it here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I was sent some deluxe beard oil and beard butter to trial from the upcoming brand, Rebel Deluxe. Having never heard of them before, I asked my brother if he would put the products to the test for me, as I’m afraid I don’t have a beard, which he happily agreed to. 

Opening the packaging, we were greeted to the Deluxe D-T Beard Oil first. Scented with Oud and 100% natural ingredients, the product was said to soften and moisturise the beard area to encourage growth. 

After showing and a little shaving, my brother applied three drops of the oil onto his hands before rubbing it onto his face. Carefully massaging it in, he found it to be super relaxing and left not only his hair follicles but face soft too. This was a big encouragement for him to put the Beard Butter to the test next. 

Having worn the oil all day, he decided to apply the beard butter at night. Again, after washing his face, he took a small amount of the product on his fingertip, before applying it to his clean beard. Combing it through as advice, he then left it to work its magic overnight. 

Waking up the next day, he rang to tell me that his beard was softer, with a less prickly feel to it. He was amazed at what just one application of the product could do in such a short amount of time. He was also in awe at how the product had also left his skin, close to his beard, looking better too. 

Both of us were unaware of the brand before we begun the trial, however, my brother was definitely impressed and would recommend it to all those with a beard! If being a rebel was cool before, it seems it has just got the deluxe treatment. Head to the Rebel Deluxe website to find out more about their fantastic products lovelies! You won’t be disappointed! 

Joey X

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