Mocktails Drinks Are The Non-Alcoholic Heroes Of The Summer!


Get ready to be introduced to a whole new brand of drinks lovelies, as the fantastic team at Mocktails have created a great range to meet all our non-alcoholic needs, when it comes to all your big summer events this year! From classic creations to new mixes, they literally have something for everyone. See what my mum thought of the complete range here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few days ago, I shared with you all a fantastic drink to enjoy without the alcohol. However, after searching the market for more, I have discovered a new brand that is going to have you enjoying your next picnic or day trip out even more! Let me introduce you all to Mocktails

The official partner of Dry January with Alcohol Change UK, the team behind Mocktails have created a range of mocktails that tastes exactly like their alcoholic versions. Yet, they don’t leave you with the awful hangover the day after lovelies. As well, each drink is free from artificial ingredients, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, making them suitable for all to embrace the classic tastes of a gorgeous Sansgria, Mockapolitan and more. All created with ingredients fresh from Italy, Asia and beyond! 

Allowing me and my mum the opportunity to trial the items, we kindly received a box full of 12 different mocktails to trial. These included a Mockarita, Mockscow Mule, Sansgria, Espresso% Martini and their famous Mockapolitan. Perfectly stored in easy to carry cans, we decided to chill them before trialling each one overnight. 

The next day, we reached happy hour before breaking them open. Taking a number of shot glasses, I placed a sample of each one in each glass. Then I called my mum in the room to get her to do her fantastic Mother’s Mouthful taste tests. Starting with the Mockscow Mule, which had been made with fresh Sicilian lemons. Something my dad would have loved. 

After enjoying the shot, she exclaim that it was perfect and definitely something she would break open on a summers night. Grateful that I had chilled it, she went on to say that the missing alcohol actually made the drink more enjoyable, as it gave it a lightness that you wouldn’t have if it was included. After a great first drink, we moved onto the Espresso% Martini. 

This was actually the one I was most worried about, as I know that she doesn’t like coffee drinks, unless they are hot. Handing her the shot glass, she was a little wary, however, she said that it reminded her of a cold flavoured coffee. Whilst she personally would t pick it again, she said that the flavours were nice and strong, perfect if you like iced coffees or the alcoholic versions of the drink. 

Quickly moving on, I decided to take my mum back to sunnier climates, introducing the brilliant Spanish Sansgria to her. Created with blackberries, oranges and blackcurrants, the drink went down a lot easier for mum, who stated that it was actually her first time trying Sangria of any kind. Reminding her of a soft drink she loves, she was a big fan of this one, saying it would be great to have with a lunch on a hot day in the garden. Not normally one for red wines, this is the one out of all of them that she said she would buy again in fact. 

Yet, she didn’t stop there, as I gave her the final two to try next. Including the Mockarita, which I added a little decoration to when handing over. With refreshing fruits, she declared this one as a light topple that she would hand out to her friends before a bite to eat, before moving onto the Mockapolitan, which she said would end the night. 

Overall, the drinks were a huge success, with some even converting my mum into a big fan. Now, she is planning on getting more in and having her friends over to enjoy them with her in the sunshine, something I am very proud of. The Mocktails brand is creating great products without the alcohol that spread good vibes and good times. A fact that I think we should all get on board with lovelies. Check out their website now to discover the range and to see what I mean! My mum can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Joey X

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