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Ready for a new look? The fantastic creators at Irresistible Me have just what you need, with wigs and styles to suit everyone. Having never tried a wig before, my mum and me put one to the test. It’s safe to say that it has completely changed how I will be getting ready the next time I go out. Find out why here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Have you ever wanted to just change the way you look? I know I definitely have. A complete makeover sounds, honestly, amazing, yet, it can be costly! However, I’ve discovered a cheap way to get a new look in minutes. Wigs! 

Never did I think that I would be saying that on the blog, however, they are truly a game changer lovelies! Kindly gifted one to trial by Irresistible Me, the company who create a wide range of hair textures, colours and lengths due to their values towards inclusivity, I was amazed at what I received. 

After being asked to pick a wig to try, I decided on the vegan fiber mermaid waves wig 32" caramel balayage creation. In only a few days, the wig arrived in a round box, covered in a protective netting. Pulling it out, I was in awe at how soft, flows and perfect the hair looked and felt. I’m someone who always has their hair in plaits, so instantly I clipped them up and popped the wig on. 

As soon as I had arranged it correctly, I hid the top netting and slide the clips into my natural hair. However, the team do suggest using a wig cap to get the best results. Looking in my bathroom mirror, I was in shock and also in love. I’ve always dreamed of having long, curly, perfect hair and now those dreams were being met.

The vegan hair meant I could wear the wig with confidence, knowing nothing had been harmed when making it. Giving it a quick brush through, which didn’t affect the style at all, I headed into my mum’s room to show her the results. She was stunned to say the least. Instantly standing up to run her hair through it, she couldn’t believe  it wasn’t real hair. Especially when I to,d her that it could be styled with heated tongs too. 

With so much interest in it, she asked if she could have a go. Never ever have I seen my mum with long hair, so it was a shock to finally see. The colour really suited her, however, we both agreed that it was a little too long for her style. We did state though that it had made us interested in seeking out more looks for both of us to trial. 

After experiencing the week, I now want to get more. I love the idea of being able to just change my look in a matter of moments. When I next get invited to a party, I am going to wear the wig, as it will make it so much easier to get ready quicker and undressed faster at the end of the night into my PJs. Something we all want. 

Irresistible Me have a whole host of styles for everyone on their website, which I am really grateful for. Not only can they help people like me but also those suffering from illnesses affecting their hair and bodies. Having that little boost made all the difference and I hope to now explore this beauty area more. I definitely recommend giving it a go lovely, especially with Irresistible Me’s products

Joey X

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