Set Sail With This Olive Boat Dining Gamechanger!


Get ready to have your next party or gathering completely changed with the help of this new plate and port! With a super inventive way to hide the messy pips and seeds that come from the items on it, you won’t believe what you discover upon using it. There is definitely going to be some questions about where to get one from guests…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Have you started to plan your first summer get together? Well, if so, then you will want to read on, as I got the chance to review the brilliant Olive Boat and Pit Port plate by Corico recently and it is a table game changer. 

Not only great for Olives, the dish can also be used for all food items that may have a stone or pip in them, to help hide them aware from view when eating. At just 7”, it may seem small, however, it is a mighty item. Placed onto a charcuterie board or a coffee table with your favourite snacks, it really helps to make the eating process better. 

Both my mum and I are not olive fans, yet, we are definitely cherry, pistachio and dare fans. Three items that easily fit onto the plate. So, we gathered them up and put the plate to the test the best we could. Popping a cherry each into our mouths, we quickly removed the pips and popped them into the hole on the top of the port. 

We did this throughout the eating experience. There was no movement from the port and everything stayed in place and well hidden. A huge bonus in our eyes! When all the items had gone, we picked up the plate and quickly poured away the pips. No mess or hassle. 

I loved how easy it was to assemble and manage everything on the plate. Nothing was to bigot to hard to handle. It kept the mess away from the fresh and that made everything more pleasurable as a diner. My mum stated that it would be a great toothpick holder too, making it good as a picky platter too. 

Having never seen a plate like this before, I now wish that we had had one at family parties in the past or when my dad was around, as he would always flick the nut shells everywhere. 

Head to the Corcio website now lovelies to find out more about getting your hands on one. Simply, clean and perfectly placed, the boat and port are two items destined to make a lasting dining impact!

Joey X

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