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The summer sun is calling and that means sunny breakfasts outside! Or lazy afternoons spent lounging away the hours! However, if your garden isn’t as perfect as you would like it to be, I have found the brand to help! The great team at STIGA  have made every possible garden helper you could ask for. We put two of them to the test here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last year, I told you all about our big garden project! We completely and utterly gutted the thing, removing my dad’s old ruined shed, weeding, regressing and planting vegetables and seeds. However, with winter hitting, it’s been left a little bit. Yet, this summer, we are going all in with the help of kind neighbours and the fantastic cordless STIGA series three products! 

Using 20V, these battery operated items are light but super effective at making a difference. Now, I will admit that I can’t garden to save my life. I love flowers and plants, however, I am useless at keeping them alive. So, the garden is really my mum’s big project, which is why she was very happy to put the tools to the test. 

Kindly gifted the STIGA GT 300e Kit Cordless Grass Trimmer and HT 300e Kit

Cordless Hedge Trimmer, she was quick to charge the batteries up to use them. Taking only an hour or so to fully charge, she was impressed with how fast they were ready. 

Deciding to use the hedge trimmer first, to help her remove the horrible bamboo she has been battling, she stepped right into the bush to put the machine to it. Right away, the branches started to come down and in no time at all she had made a real difference. 

The tough branches came away with little effort saving her from the pain of pulled muscles she had before. Having cut it right down, the garden instantly looked neater and left a huge part of the garden brighter. Something my mum has wanted for a long time. 

Inspired by the difference the trimmer had made, she came back in to collect the grass trimmer. My mum had been out earlier in the day to mow the grass. Upon getting her mower out, she found that her old trimmer was actually not in a good way, so she was relieved to have a new one to hand. 

Again, it charged super quickly, which meant she could go outside and get to work fast. Heading into the back garden first, the edges were soon cut into shape, with the cuttings giving off a beautiful freshly cut grass to all us watching. It took my mum hardly any time compared to her old machine, which meant she could move onto the front garden as well. The machine continued to work its magic there as well, leaving a fresh and bright feel to the garden. 

Whilst I wasn’t aware of STIGA, my mum was, having heard good things about them. Yet, she had never tried them herself before. After giving them a trial, she told me that they are definitely a brand she would recommend and rebut if needed in the future. The products were light, quick and highly effective. In no time at all, our garden felt a little bit more ready for summer, giving off gorgeous smells and looks. 

The STIGA products had made me want to go out in the garden again. I now can’t wait to go out there in the mornings to enjoy my breakfast under the sun. And these products are to thank for it. My mum has always been loyal to certain brands in her garden, yet, that has all changed now. 

Therefore, if you are working on a garden product, I would definitely suggest taking a look at their website to find out more! The grass really is greener on the other STIGA cut side! 

Joey X

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