QV Cream Have The Solution To Save Your Sensitive Skin


Get ready to experience super soft skin for an affordable price with the help of the amazing QV cream! From oils to washes, they are a brand who have created items for all skin types to enjoy. Kindly sent some to review, find out what happened when we put their products to the test to help treat dry and very sensitive skin here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Our skin is probably one of the most delicate aspects of our lives. Whether we are protecting it from the sun, cold or harsh elements that break it down or smoothing it with the latest creams, it goes through a lot. Since I got ill, I have found that my skin is very sensitive, combining both oily and dry issues. There so, I am always looking for products that can help it. 

I’ve tried many, however, I had never heard of the brand, QV Cream, who reached out to me after I sent out an appeal for help. Making products fit for dry, sensitive skin, they have covered every single one of our skincare needs. From oils to intense lotions, there is something that everyone can use to help many conditions. 

In our house, between me and my mum, we suffer from anorexia, lymphoedema, asthma, the menopause, Raynaud’s syndrome, anxiety disorder and eczema. So, it seemed only fitting that on one of our self-care Sunday’s, we both put the products to the test. Starting with the bath oil. 

Due to my anorexia, I am not allowed to have baths, however, my mum loves to have them to help soothe her legs. Pouring the bath oil into hers, she found that she could instantly see that it was not greasy like others she had used. After a few moments, she submerged into the bath and could feel the oils working. Rubbing the water over her legs and arms, she came out feeling a lot better, without the greasy residue others have left. Carefully drying off, she found that her skin, especially around her lower legs felt better, with the redness dying down. Something I could agree with, when I saw how much of an impact the oils had when I rubbed them on my arms in the shower. 

Whilst in the shower, I put the gentle wash to the test. In an easy to use pump, I applied the right around to my squeeze cushion and started to rub it other my skin. I could tell the difference right away because even though there was no scent, my skin felt clean, refreshed and moistened. I loved how much my skin felt better afterwards, as there wasn’t that tight feeling around my ankles, which were especially dry at the time. 

Moving onto the next products, we had three options to choose from out of the two of us. The intensive ointment, skin lotion and famous QV Cream were our choices and boy was it hard to pick. I decided to go with the skin lotion on my arms, whilst my mum used the intensive ointment on her legs. Upon applying them, we both later commented on how nice it left our skin, without having to struggle to put our clothes on other the top afterwards. There was no greasy feeling. There was only beautifully soft skin left in its wake. In just one go, we both felt a different and couldn’t wait to try the most famous option out of the three. 

Picking up the QV Cream, we decided to trial it on our arms, as these are the areas that we would see the most changes. To prevent the bumps on my arms getting dry, I put it onto the tops of mine and my elbows too. Whilst my mum put it on her shoulders and both arms. We then rubbed the leftovers into our hands. Due to the changing weather, this is where I saw the biggest improvements. My hands bleed and crack badly due to my Raynaud’s, however, this helped to heal the sores and I haven’t stopped using it since. 

Overall, we were both really impressed with what we found after using the QV Skincare products. Having both never heard of the brand before, we will definitely be investing in more of the products in the future. My mum chose the bath oil as her favourite, whilst I loved the QV Cream the most, especially when I saw the difference it made to my hands. 

The QV Cream team have thought about each and every one of their customers, covering every single issue possible. This makes me love them just a little bit more. On their website, they include facts, tips and information to get the most out of their items. Take a look to see what I mean lovelies! Honestly, your skin will definitely love you more for it. 

Joey X

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