Logo Bingo Is The Ultimate Family Game To Play This Easter


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Who doesn’t love a game of Bingo? For me, there are many memories that I have of being little and taking party in a fun kids version whilst on holiday. I also went to a rather party based one at Butlins a few years ago now, which I also adored. I wish so much that there was a closer Bingo hall where I lived. A fun version of it though, not one all about money! 

Luckily, the fantastic TOBY team have come up with just the thing, as they have made a bingo game with everything we love. However, it comes with a slight change! It’s all about logo’s! 

Taking familiar logo signs and applying them to cards, Logo Bingo, follows the exact same rules that we all know. However, instead of numbers, the logo signs are called out instead. Putting your knowledge to the test, you must complete the board before everyone else to win. 

Upon getting a very kind sample of the game, I asked my family to gather round because for one night only (plus many more to come aha!), I became the ultimate bingo caller. And honestly, never have I seen my home more alive than it was as we played this game! 

From loud shouting to under breath swearing, a few angry shouts and a winners cheer, the game brought out all the emotions. The most though being happy laughter. Bingo is a game that the whole family can join in with. Logo Bingo has that quality but in a fun stylish way. You end up coming away more loyal to certain brands than others. The ones that don’t let you win become your least favourites when shopping aha! 

If you are having the family round this Easter then this is the game to get. Once the big Easter feast is done, get the chocolate out as the prize and put the family to the test! You will be amazed at what you see! I promise you! Mostly though, you will simply love the fun it brings and the smiles it creates. Logo Bingo is the ultimate winner this year! 

Joey X

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