Neat Will Help You Tremendously When Tackling Your Spring Cleaning


Looking for the most perfect products to help with your spring clean this year? Look no further than the brilliant range from Neat! From hand soaps to floor cleaners, they have a product suitable for all your needs. Whilst also being kind to the environment! Discover what I thought about their fantastic set of products here lovelies…

Good Morning Lovelies,

In our house, we are always seeking the best products to help clean our house. Due to my ill health, my mum has to be careful with what she uses or advises I do, in case it annoys my skin or lungs. In recent years, we have been trying to find the most organic or cleanest cleaners all round to prevent any mishaps. 

After putting out a call for beauty items, a lovely company also reached out, to me this time, to see if I would like to review their hand washing and home cleaning formulas. Immediately, I had to agree. 

Neat are a brand who work hard to make sure everything that they are doing is sustainable. From the ingredients in their products to the materials used to store them, they run a recycle and reuse scheme that works fantastically. Gifting me six items to trial, me and my mum set to it to try them out. 

Starting with the new hand washes, which came to us in two gorgeous scents, green tea and bergamot and mango and fig. Priced at £9 each, the hand washes came with a handy bottle to store the washes in. Free-from sulphates, dyes, parabens and phosphates, the wash gentle foams to help you remove all the dirt and grime. Both washes smelt incredible, leaving my hands smelling fantastic, whilst also creating a smoothing barrier upon drying. 

Due to my Raynaud’s, my hands suffer a lot when submerged in hot water for a long time. This is why it is important to me to find products that do a great job without any negative effects. Thankfully and happily, I can tell you all that Neat has made a range that is simply fantastic. Days after using it, my hands still feel good with no rough skin or splits forming. Something other foaming soaps have done. My mum tried the washes too and agreed with me on the smell and aftermath. 

Next up, my mum helped me to put the cleaning products to the test. Starting with the All Purpose Floor Cleaner, scented in a mango and fig fragrance, the product was the most expensive of the lot, priced at £11.00. Yet, it is worth every single penny! Using it on our downstairs laminate flooring, it removed stains that my mum has laboured over to get rid of with other products. Strong smelling but not chocking, it left a swipe and swirl of clean in its path. One that had my mum praising it to friends and family members long after using it. 

Something that happened when she put the Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner, in the same scent, to the test. Using it to clean all the surfaces in our living room, before we put up the Easter decorations, every surface sparkled. All the dust was gone and never came back. Even now, a few days later, it is hard to see if any dust has fallen, due to the gleam the product left. 

Having made a huge impression of us in the living rooms we have, we decided to head to the bathroom to trial the two remaining products. Starting with the Daily Shower Spray, which had a fig and violet scent. Removing soap marks, grime and muck, it left a shine in its path that made me want to never shower again (don’t worry, I have!). The shower looked incredible and I couldn’t wait to see how much of an impact the Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner would now have. 

Scented in a sage and mint fragrance, it left a refreshing aroma in its path, as it also removed all the grime that bathrooms house. The biggest impression and success it had was on the taps. They shined like no tomorrow! At £7, it was like having a professional cleaner in, yet for hardly any money at all. 

Neat was not a brand I was aware of before we began speaking. Yet, I have honestly grown to love them a lot. They may be a little bit more expensive than normal or own brands, which I also love by the way, however, it does work. We would buy the refills for these for sure to be able to use them in our deep cleans throughout the year. They left our home feeling fresh, fragranced and gleaming! Honestly, what more could you want? To find out more about Neat and to purchase the products mentioned and more, head to their website, which is full of sustainable wonders. You won’t be disappointed! 

Joey X

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