Qwickhose Will Change How You Garden This Year!


Ready to head out into the garden to prepare it for summer? Make watering those plants and flowers easier with the brilliant Qwickhose! With every tool you and your hosepipe may need, they are a brand innovating the gardening experience for the better. See how we got on here…

Good Morning Lovelies,

With spring in the air, it’s time to get those gardens glowing! Gorgeous flowers. Leaves back on the trees. The sun in the sky! There is nothing quite like those beautiful natural moments. Especially if you can find them right outside your door! 

However, with winter having caused a bit of damage, due to the wind, ice and rain we all get, it can mean a big job is to be had. Yet, there are many plants, tools and pieces of equipment to help. One being the Qwickhose

Kindly gifted to me by their PR team, I was set the Starter Set. Now, I am going to be frank here and say that when it arrived I handed it straight to my mum. She is the gardener in our house. I am the one who enjoys it all when it is ready aha! I’m only joking, however, she doesn’t let me do much to the garden as I think she knows that unless it is a cactus, I’m not very good at keeping plants alive. 

Yet, this year, we want to make a little vegetable patch, so we really need to get cracking on it. Especially in March, when they say is a good time to start sowing your seeds. There so, the starter kit was perfect for reviving our already planted flowers and getting the soil ready for new shrubs and the vegetable seeds. 

Opening the box, you will find an original hose connector, a nozzle spray end, tap connector and no-flow hose connector, all I caused in a very fancy, easy to store wall mount. Drilling the mount into the wall next to our hose pipe, my mum used the original hose connector to start off with. Using it to help water her plants at the front of her home. 

Moving onto the bigger plants in our back garden, she swapped it to the nozzle spray end adaptation, which gave off a lot more power. She felt like she was able to make a big difference in less time, meaning less water was used and more t8me could be spent on digging up and planting. There was no leakage between the changes or when in use either. 

With plastic teeth fittings out and a wing lock system being brought in, the Qwickhose equipment is fast to change, reliable and easy to use. It gives off great amounts of power, whilst spraying much less water, making it easier to save on time and money. All whilst making your garden look stunning. Even when I had a go, I felt like I was in control a lot better and could be trusted to not kill anything in the garden for once! 

Priced at £39.99, it may seem a little expensive, but I would definitely say that this set will last you a lifetime. It’s strong, rust resistant and a game changer at how much water it uses. Before the summer weather fully arrives, I would definitely suggest taking a look at their website to find out more lovelies. Your garden will thank you for it! 


Joey X

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