Start Rite Have The Perfect School Shoes For Your Little Ones!


Worried about where to get your little one’s school shoes for the new summer term? Well, don’t panic, as Start Rite has created the best sustainable looks for your children. From trainer like looks to classic brogue styles, there is no option that has been left behind. Find out what happened when I got my nephew to pick and trial his choice here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

The Easter holidays may be only just landing, however, there is no better time than now to get those summer school shoes ready for when they return. There is no longer any reason to rush around in the crowds, as so many companies are leading the way in design, fit and looks. None though are quite like Start Rite

Having been around since 1792, the brand have been building their fantastic collections every year since. With removable insoles, bumpers and flexible grooves, they have made footwear that lasts a lifetime. An essential when it comes to my football loving nephew Leo, who I kindly roped into modelling a pair the team gifted to me from their school selection.

Giving him the choice of shoes to wear to school, he selected the Rhino Warrior pair. With a tough but easy to fasten strap, the shoes have anti-scuff material, with a lightweight flexible sole, which offers the ultimate support for young feet. Plus, with the addition of breathable, removable insoles, they remain fresh too. 

After picking out his favourites, they arrived super quickly, which meant a modelling session could be had as soon as he got in from school. Opening the box to unveil his selection, he loved the look and feel of them. Stating that they reminded him of his trainers, even though he isn’t allowed to wear them to school. This meant that they were an instant win in his eyes. 

Putting them on himself, the size three sample, which also had an F width fitting as well, were super quick to do up and he was soon walking up and down the kitchen in them. Seeing him in them inspired his sister to want to model hers alongside him too! Another Start Rite pair I will tell you all about soon! 

My nephew’s choice of shoe cost £60, which may be expensive for a pair of school shoes, however, having felt, seen and watched my nephew run around in them, they are built to last. The money you spend will go far lovelies, as the leather is strong and flexible, meaning they won’t get ruined as quickly on the muddy fields at lunchtime. 

He seemed confident too when wearing them, as he didn’t have to handle any laces or worry about ruining them. They made him seem taller in fact! Start Rite have made a whole host of other shoes within the collection that I can guarantee will do the same for your little ones, no matter what style you choose. 

With quick, easy and stylish shoes that come in no time at all, Start Rite have made a collection that means you don’t have to worry about what shoes to get this Easter. Just simply head to their website and find the pair/pairs for your family. You will be falling for them as much as my nephew did in no time at all! 

Joey X

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