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Preparing for summer by looking after your overall health is key lovelies! Forget the idea of a bikini body, as every body is worthy of one. It’s time to think about what is happening on the inside. Something Nourished can help with due to their personalised handy packs of key vitamins and minerals. Find out more how they could help you lovelies here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

As many of you know, I take a few vitamins mostly every day to help with my health conditions. Normally, I have a multivitamin, omega three gummy and a calcium and vitamin D chewable, having stopped taking vitamin C capsules earlier this year after being prescribed a too high dose of, around once or twice a day. 

These vitamins help me a lot, as I feel more alert and healthier taking them. However, with so many on the market at the moment, it is hard to know what one to pick. Especially when it comes to ones aimed at you personally or certain areas of your body, such as your hair, nails and skin. 

After reaching out to find out more from beauty brands, the Birmingham based company, Nourished, got in touch. Offering 3D printed personalised vegan gummies, packed with seven different kinds of vitamins and nourishments to help fit your individual health, beauty and lifestyle needs.

Interested in learning more, the team gifted me two of their already created vitamins, including their Inner Beauty Stack and Collagen+ Hair, Skin & Nails formula. With six vitamins stacked together in handy packs, which are taken once daily, it was easy to store these away with my other vitamins to help remind me to take them every day. Starting with the Inner Beauty Stack

I used to take a beauty supplement for my hair, which included Biotin and worked wonders at making it feel stronger, after suffering thin hair due to my anorexia. Unwrapping this stack, I found six different gummy colours to represent the CoQ10, K2 Vital Delta, Vitamin E, Silica, Careflow Mango Powder, Selenium and Resveratrol that make them up. 

Upon unwrapping the first vitamin on day one, I got a very pleasant smell float around me, which had me excited to try the gummy. Placing it onto my tongue, the mango flavour hit me instantly and I really liked it. I do get a bit worried trying a new supplement, as my stomach is very sensitive due to my ED and IBS, however, this was super gentle. The only effects I felt were the amazing energy it gave me. Plus, the beautiful taste. 

The first experience was encouraging, as I turned to the Collagen+ Hair, Skin & Nails supplement. This one had more of the ingredients that I used to take but stopped after they got too expensive. Supporting the growth and aim for healthier hair, skin and nails, the vitamin included Ovoderm Collagen, Vitamin C, Biotin, Selenium and Zinc within them. Again all displayed in beautiful gummy layers.

Unpacking the item, I got the same experience in regard to the smell, however the taste was very different. Still amazing though! The vitamin gave me even more energy than the previous one, yet, I wouldn’t take this daily, as I do personally worry about vitamin c capsules, after my doctor’s mistake. However, if you are looking for a daily one, I can tell you that even in a short amount of time, these are brilliant and super gentle on the insides. Honestly, my hair, skin and nails have never been better. 

After testing so many vitamins in the past, I can definitely confirm that Nourished are some of the best on the market. Coming in handy packs, it is hard to miss them and the taste and smell makes you want to have them too. Sugar free and full of pure ingredients, they are also made safer for those like me who have sensitive tummies. I only regret now not having gone for a personal option. Something I am definitely going to look into now.

Nourished have something for everyone to make them feel better, whilst also catering to their needs. See how they maybe able to help you by heading to their website lovelies, which is filled with useful information and knowledge. Im definitely going to see if they can help me make some calcium gummies, as the market is really lacking them. I hope they can help you as much as they have helped me lovelies! 

Joey X

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