Enjoy The Sunshine With This Two Ingredient Strawberry Mousse Recipe


Good Morning Lovelies, 

After the pancakes, chocolates and more that helped us to mark Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day, many of us may be looking for something a little bit softer to enjoy. Definitely not lacking any of the flavour but full of summer tones, this strawberry mousse takes no time at all to prepare. This means you can enjoy it even quicker!

Whether you are eating it alone, with friends or family members or given it to guests, you will not be able to get enough of this two ingredient goodness…


Two Cups of Whipping Cream

One Cup of Strawberries


A Knife

A Chopping Board

A Blender or Food Processor 

A Large Mixing Bowl

A Whisk (Hand or Stand)

A Spatula

Four Serving Bowls or Glasses


Start by preparing your strawberries. Using a knife and chopping board, cut the leaves off before chopping into small pieces. Place into a blender and mix until a smooth purée forms. Leave the purée to settle for a bit. 

Whilst the purée sets, take your cream and place into a mixing bowl. Using a whisk, whip it until stiff peaks form, but don’t over whip it, as it can become too dense if so. You can also use a hand or stand mixer if you want do this.

When the cream is ready, pour the strawberry purée into the bowl and gentle fold the two together with a spatula until they are combined evenly. 

Once the mixture is ready, transfer it evenly between the serving glasses or bowls. Place into your fridge and allow to cool for at least two to three hours.

When the mousse is set, grab a spoon and tuck in lovelies! You could even add some extra strawberries to make it even more delicious! 

Will you be making this recipe lovelies? Let me know if you do! 

Joey X

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