Five Ways To Save On Your Next Journey


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Ever feel like just walking into the train station and asking for a ticket to the furthest place you can go to? I know I do! I just want to run away at times and leave life behind. However, the way my head processes things also means that I like to make plans first to! 

Therefore, I have gathered some tips over the years to help make travelling easier. Especially with a disability. From help getting on and off trains, carer advice and cheaper ticket fares, I hope that the following can help you to lovelies, which is why I wanted to share it with you all. 

Here are five easy ways to help you save money and time, which will lead to the best break from start to finish…

Check For Carer/Student/NHS Discounts: Before you book your tickets or travel option, make sure to look for discounts you are entitled to. As a student, I can get 40% off in some places, whilst my mum gets some for being a carer. There are lots of hidden money saving options, so look out for them lovelies. 

Book Your Tickets Early: Most train and plane tickets can be booked in advance. When it comes to train tickets, you can book these 12 weeks in advance, so put a dot in your diary to get in early. The earlier the cheaper as we have always learned. Especially with those discounts mentioned before. 

Get Passenger Assistance: If you are travelling by train and it is overground, you can apply for Passenger Assistance. This helps to ensure that your journey is as easy as possible. My mum has to care for me, carry the suitcase and get us in the right seats. But with Passenger Assistance, she can get some help with the luggage and boarding, as they take care of us both from the start of our journey until the end. It’s brilliant!

Double Label Your Suitcase: I once read that you should double label your suitcase and I really believe this now. The reason for this is to keep your items more secure. Many people will read your luggage label, which will have your address and number bet on it. This means anyone could actually take it. However, if you put this label inside, making a fake one for the outside, that only you know, than your items will be more secure. 

Don’t Panic: I am the worst person to actually give this out as a piece of advice, as I live in a constant state of panic. However, when it comes to travelling, I try to not panic as much as I did. I like to think that if I forget something then I know somewhere will sell it or my family will have spares. Living without something could actually turn out to be a good thing. Forgot your phone charger? Live in the moment. It might make the holiday better. 

What do you do lovelies to make your journeys better? I like to follow these steps in the early stages to help me mentally prepare for the actual holiday. I feel better knowing they are in place. Plus, they are so simple to do. I hope that they can help you too lovelies! 

Joey X

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