The Garden Of Eva’s New Jars Are Answering All Our Summer Food Prayers


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Are you getting excited for BBQ season? Have you started planning your burger recipes? Well, it may be time to because there is a new relish and sauces that are going to elevate them to a whole new level. 

Focusing on the tastes of the American south, The Garden of Eva, is a brand that is changing the market very much for the better. Using ingredients that you might not think would work but bring a great change, watermelon is key in their recipes, mixing it with chilli’s, pickles and more. 

Kindly sent to me by the team to try, I made my mum cook up a few dishes to add them to. Giving off the perfect summer vibes, she decided that the jars of delights needed a proper taste test with a good burger and chips. Something that already made her happy. 

Taking the Chilli-Watermelon Jam first, mum added it to a section of the bun before reforming the burger to try it. Adding a sweet, with a hit of spicy, taste to the meet, my mum stated that it made the meat juicier somehow. Dipping her chips into the jam, she also stated that it was a great taste. One that would work perfectly on dirty fries or as the base to make the dish.

This intrigued her to try the Pickled Watermelon Rind on top of the meat too. A similar thing occurred, which she was very surprised by. My mum is not a fan of watermelon at all. Even touching it is something she hates. Seeing her enjoy a different taste, texture and added flavouring on her burger was really interesting. Her positive reaction even more so. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting her to like it that much, however, she truly surprised me with her praise for it. The Garden of Eva may have just converted her watermelon hatred. 

Finally, mum took the last section of her burger and added the American Southern Chow Chow. A relish filled with cabbage, green vegetables, peppers and more, it certainly has a kick according to my mum, yet it is one that you want on your burger. Perfect on top of a salad too, as my mum has since tried it on, she loved the edge it gave the dish. She was quick to get her friends to try it too, who now also want a jar of the stuff. 

Overall, my mum was really impressed with all the jars she tried. Great on many meals, they will add a kick to your party buffet or BBQ this summer. In fact, it would even be good alongside your Christmas spread. My mum said that the leftover turkey sandwich would be raised to another level using this. 

To get your hands on some of the jars lovelies, head to the company’s website now. However, you will have to be quick, as it is a constant sell out! It’s time to get that watermelon sugar high in a brand new way!

Joey X

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