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Get ready to find your ultimate Easter hamper or gift thanks to the team at Peach Hampers & Gifts who have made the best chocolate filled presents this year! From rich features to family friendly fancies, you can guarantee that everyone will find something inside their special boxes to enjoy! Find out more about the brand here…

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Easter is just around the corner, with only a few and a bit to go! Shops are filling up with all that chocolate loving goodness we adore. However, it is the team at Peach Hampers & Gifts that you need to be turning to for the ultimate presents this Spring! 

Filled to the absolute brim with sweets and chocolate, the team have created, The Eggstra Special Easter Alcohol - Free Hamper, to provide something for each and every member of the family. From little ones to those with a more mature palette, there is a gift inside the hamper that each one can come away with. Something I can say with confidence after seeing the reaction from my family and friends after being kindly gifted one to try. 

Arriving two weeks before the big event, my family were super excited as I unboxed the hamper. Wrapped up in a delicate cardboard case, lifting the lid felt like the big reveals on Deal or No Deal. Everyone wanted to see what was inside. What we got was the big prize. Hidden under yellow paper strings, we held a mini lucky dip, as we pulled out item after item, which were…

  • Monty Bojangles Luxury Taste Adventures World of Wonder Tube Egg
  • Jealous Sweets Sugar Free Love Bears 
  • Organza Bunny Ears Bag of Foiled Solid Milk Choc Mini Eggs
  • Chocolate and Orange Fudge
  • Hamlet Luxury Assorted Chocolates in Gold Gift Box
  • Monty Bojangles Luxury Dark Cocoa Nib Filled Chocolate Bar 150g
  • Yorkshire Flapjack Freshly Baked Chocolate Biscoff Slice 95g
  • Belvoir Elderflower Presse

With the essence of spring in the air, the hamper presented Easter all in one. With light touches from the Elderflower Presse to the deep rich darkness of the Cocoa Nib Chocolate Bar, there was a sense that this tasty delight would last long. In fact, it felt like the perfect thing to take on a picnic under those early summer sun rays. Just watch the chocolate doesn’t melt. 

Handing out the hamper, I found myself take the Love Bears, whilst my mum claimed the flapjack, drink, mini eggs and Monty Bojangles Luxury Taste Adventures World of Wonder Tube Egg. Leaving the rest to put out when our guests arrived. Something that many of them were endlessly thankful for. Especially when it came to the fudge, which they stated that it reminded them of Christmas. Each of them even left with something, until we decided to hide some items for our next film night in.

Priced at £75 originally, the hamper is currently on offer at £68, which may seem costly, however, the quality of the items is definitely worth it. Totalling up all the items costs individually actually makes the cost of the hamper far cheaper in fact. I was so shocked by what we received and how special the hamper seemed. If someone gifted me this on Easter Sunday, I would be eternally grateful. A feeling I have for the Peach team for gifting it to me. 

Instantly, you will see people smiling at the items. From the tastes of the rich chocolate to the sweetness of the Elderflower and Love Bears, the Peach Hampers & Gifts team have made a decadent product that will make this Easter the best one yet! Unless, there are family arguments about who has what, however, I think the chocolate love will keep the good vibes going this Easter! With free delivery, personalisation and branding, it seems Peach Hampers & Gifts are the new place to go! 

Joey X

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