Happy St Patrick’s Day! Celebrate At My Top Five Dublin Attractions


Top of the Morning to you Lovelies! 

Today marks one of the best days of the year to me, St Patrick’s Day! I adore everything to do with Ireland, often dreaming, wishing and anting to be back there! Next year, I will be returning to Dublin, no matter what, due to a special time in my life! For now though, I am going to spend today celebrating it by planning my return aha! 

If you have never been to Ireland, there are so many amazing places to see. However, Dublin is my special place. It’s where my heart feels most at home. From the moment I first went on my 21st birthday, I’ve told everyone to go if they can. If they ask me where to go I suggest so many places too. 

Five of those places, I am going to share with you all right now! They are must see, so if you are also planning a trip you have to try and fit the following in lovelies. They are…

Jameson Whiskey Distillery Tour: It may be controversial to say but I feel like this is better than the Guinness tour. Unlike with the one mentioned, the Jameson tour provides a guide to take a group of you around the history of the making process, before samples and sips are handed out. I need to go back and get myself one of the glasses still! 

The Little Museum of Dublin: Hidden away from view, this museum could easily be missed. However, if you can find it, you have to go inside. There are rooms dedicated to all things Irish! Including a U2 themed room! Just don’t jump at the,rage, signed, Mrs Brown stood at the side of one room like we did. 

The Guinness Factory: You can’t go to Dublin and not explore the Guinness factory. I haven’t seen someone go where they haven’t experienced something new. The place is always changing to give guests the best experiences possible. Right now, you can have your face printed onto a pint! I know mine would definitely have to be a frothy one to fit the frizz in aha! 

Dublin Zoo: One of the best zoos I have ever been too! Full of spacious places for the animals to roam, it never feels cramped or like the animals aren’t comfortable. Based in Phoenix Park, which is where the President of Ireland lives as well, it is a beautiful place to spend the day. You can even take the open top bus to it. 

Christ Church Cathedral/Dublinia: If I remember correctly, these two are joint together, however if I am wrong then the cathedral is an essential viewing. There is a point within it that you can see most of Dublin from and it is simply stunning. When I look out of it, I try to find my dream home. I’ve found many! 

There are so many places I could mention to you lovelies! From Grafton Street to the Ha’penny Bridge, the whole place makes me come alive! I hope that if you are heading to Dublin soon or are currently there that you are loving it as much as I do. Honestly, I miss it right now writing this post. That trip will have to come sooner I now think! 

Have a fantastic St Patrick’s Day lovelies! Raise that Guinness or Jameson’s high in celebration! 

Joey X  

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