Make A Difference This Friday With Amazon & Red Nose Day!


It’s time to get funny for money lovelies, as the brand new eco-friendly Red Nose Day noses have landed! More sustainable than ever before, this funny faced based five piece are being exclusively sold on Amazon UK this year to make sure we look our best! Find out how to get your hands and noses on one before Friday’s big red ceremony here… 

Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

I’m about to speak about a charity that is very close to my heart! Since I was young, I have collected the noses for Red Nose Day. They hang on a rack in my office/cupboard. From hard rubber, soft sponge and now eco-friendly perfect pieces, they are all there. Yet, the way you can now buy them has changed! 

Once available in many shops, Comic Relief has now teamed up with Amazon UK, to exclusively give us the latest noses for this Friday’s event! For just £2, you can make a huge difference to those in need, whilst also supporting the planet and having fun. 

This year, the noses are the most sustainable that they have ever been, as they have been made out of sugarcane and wood pulp, however, that doesn’t make them any less stylish. With five to collect, including a special limited edition Golden Hooter, the noses come with a special QR code that takes you to the Red Nose Day Joke Generator, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). An element that I am tacking no responsibility for if you end up with sides that hurt. 

If you can lovelies, because I know times are hard, take a look at the Amazon official Nose site and purchase one. You won’t know what is your box until it arrives, which makes it even more fun! It’s time to get funny for money lovelies! 

Joey X

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