The Revel Puck Circus Bring THE RUCKUS To London! Here’s What I Thought…


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Yesterday, the circus came to town, as we got invited to see THE RUCKUS, a new show by The Revel Puck Circus! With all ages and audiences welcome to come along and watch, the theatre was rammed with people seeking to be thrilled. And boy, were we!

Seated in the big top, the set looked small, however, when the show kicked off it was anything but. Centred around the myths and legends of London, the circus follows a story about human connection. The power it has and can bring you, when the relationships are so strong. This is a key element when you see the cast throwing themselves around the big top. 

The team work hard on making shows that are accessible for all and this new feature works perfectly well in doing so. The cast include the audience, making what seems like a simple set into a full blown spectacular. 

Every moment is draw dropping for young audience members, whilst continuously entertaining adult viewers. The story doesn’t go the way you plan meaning you are gripped from start to finish. The circus is unlike any you may have seen or heard of before. All in a very very good way. 

Running for around two hours, your eyes and mind are kept captivated from start to finish. The room is alive and not just from the performances. The audiences reactions too. Having never been a huge fan of the circus before. This has definitely changed my mind. 

On until the 1st January, the Walthamstow based show is not one to miss. Take the whole family if you can for a festive feel-good piece, which will be very different but as equally entertaining as the theatre. Head to their website to find out how you can get tickets because you seriously need to see this lovelies!

Joey X

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