Blogmas Day 18: Home Is Where The Christmas Heart Is


Good Morning Lovelies, 

I’m writing this on a crisp but sunny Saturday morning. There is a chill in the air, a shiver on my skin and a frost nipping at my nose. There is music playing in my living room and I’m looking out my dining room window in awe of it all. 

Home is a special place. Even more so during the festive months of the year. There is nothing better than coming home to see the lights on the tree reflecting through the window. Christmas songs playing in the kitchen as a festive bake is made. The aromas of dried fruits and spices scenting the air. 

Christmas brings a home to life, whatever kind of home that is. I’ve experienced the festivities in a caravan and loved it. I’ve embraced the holiday spirit whilst on holiday. I’m lucky to say I’ve delved into Disneyland Paris in December. Yet, nothing is quite like your home. 

My parents always made our house feel extra special. It was and still is the time of the year when all limits or rules go out the window. Every tacky but lovable decoration gets hung. Cheap but gorgeous wrapping paper gets unfolded and used. Home baked goods get given to neighbours. Money placed in donation pots. We do it all. And I love it! 

My dad was the biggest Christmas lover! He would go wild for it. Once he even drove home, in the middle of summer, with this huge standing Santa sat in the passenger seat. That Santa now lives with my brother Gio, who puts it out every year without fail. My mum is very much the same. 

For a long time, after the death of my Nan, she wasn’t the biggest fan. However, we have slowly converted her back to being a festive queen with me. She is the one who seeks to put out outdoor decorations. She brings out the tree and looks for ways to decorate it best. Hand writes tons of cards to those she loves. Sings loudly with me to Christmas songs. Makes our home have a heart. 

I’m so very lucky to experience Christmas in a cosy loving home. I’m never not thankful for it after having to spend one year in a hospital on my own. This year,we are having a very different celebration. With it being only me and my mum, we are having a festive duvet day. I will reveal all our plans in tomorrow’s Blogmas post. For now though, I want you to spend today loving where you live. Wherever and whatever you are living and in. Be thankful for its warming shelter. The people in it. The experiences and memories it’s given or will give you. Cosy up and embrace all the festive feels in it lovelies! 

Joey X

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