Classic Boxsets To Binge This Christmas! Here’s My Reviews…


Good Morning Lovelies, 

In the run up to Christmas, it is always lovely to catch up with the classic shows that make our TV viewings so special. There is nothing quite snuggling up with a good old box set to binge on. Whether they be comedic, thrilling or just down right brilliant for their own little ways. 

For me, I love to sit back with the likes of Miranda, Gavin and Stacey and The Royce Family when I need an instant pick me up. My mum loves a good thriller though, mixed in with a good comedy. There so, when it came to picking out two box sets to review, I went with her favourites this Christmas to help her relax. These included Foyle’s War for a hint of mystery and The Good Life for laughter. Here is how I found them…

Foyle’s War Review

Set during the Second World War, this series explores the police action happening back home. From murders to deceit, there is a new case within each episode, which concludes before the next one starts. Old fashioned but with very much a modern style, it would surprise me if the show didn’t make a comeback soon. 

With likeable characters, plenty of thrills and mystery and a great script/storyline each episode, you will be very much enchanted by this great British series from the get go. 

3 Stars

The Good Life Review

Upon researching this series, my mum was shocked to find that it came out in 1975. I think it made her worry about her age. Although, she really didn’t need to, as this is a timeless comedy. 

Following a couple, who decide to leave their busy lives and move to the country to run their own small holding, it is an interesting look at what many people are now actually doing. The BBC knew what they were doing when they made this show. It has a heart to it that has stood the test of time. Out of the two box sets, I found that this was the more enjoyable one for me. It shocked me to find that it was only on TV for three years, a sign that when things are good they should maybe end on a high. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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