Blogmas Day 17: My 2023 Christmas Dinner Menu


Hey Lovelies, 

Have you heard of The Calm Christmas Podcast? Recently, I have been binging it hard to get prepared for the big event. From food to meditation and poetry, Beth Kimpton, who makes the show is fantastic at helping me relax. 

In the episode I just listened to, she stated that it is important to ask those around you what they really want for Christmas dinner. For most of us it is easy to guess the answer. However, as someone who suffers from an eating disorder, the festive period can be a hard time when it comes to food. 

Every year, me and my mum will plan what I will be having weeks in advance. This helps me to get in what I may need and to mentally get ready for the meal. My mum is a fantastic help when it comes to helping me and preps everything before and on the day for me to help relieve the pressure too. 

Last month we spoke about what my ideal Christmas dinner would be this year. Something I thought would make a good post today during Blogmas! Here is what I am hoping to eat on Christmas Day…

Main: Butternut squash stuffed with Sage, Red Pepper and Shallot Stuffing from the Shropshire Spice Co.

Sides: Steamed cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, parsnips and carrots, roasted or mashed potatoes and extra stuffing.

Sauces: Bisto Best Vegan Vegetable Gravy and bread sauce.

Dessert: Fresh melon or fruit salad with some jelly. 

Drink: Fruit juice or squash. 

This all seems very challenging now after writing it down for you. However, I am going to work so hard with my mum to enjoy the meal together. It’s the hardest meal I have each year, but I always feel so proud of myself when I achieve it. Fingers crossed I can do it again this year! 

What will you be eating on Christmas Day lovelies? 

Joey X

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