Rack Up Your Workout With Major Fitness’ Raptor F22 Power Machine


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be wondering what to get the gym lover in your life? Well, thankfully, MAJOR FITNESS, may just be able to help! Based in America, the brand is coming over here to make a huge impact on our at home exercising habits, especially with their new Raptor F22 power rack

Kindly, the team sent me one for my gym loving guest reviewer to try and boy did it go down a treat. A little bit scared after getting a call from a courier about how best to deliver the item, I was greeted to three big parcels upon its arrival. Waiting patiently until my brother arrived to trial it, he was quick to remove the packaging and get to work setting it up. 

Done in next to no time, the rack slotted in nicely in our spare room, taking hardly any room up, but big enough to store all of the best equipment. Combining a power rack, cable crossover machine, multi-grip pull-up bar, and landmine all into one trainer, the machine has 13 different attachments, with extra room to place weights and further equipment to it. 

Making sure that everything was tightened and ready for use, my brother Gio, got changed and ready for the ultimate new at home workout experience. Deciding to start off lightly, he changed the positions on the machine to fit his over six foot height, before getting to work on the pulleys system. Looking at the effort he was putting in, I could see how much of a great routine he was doing. And he had only just started! 

Turning around, his arms got a further workout, as he used the pull up bar to perform a number of moves. This is where I saw him really break out a sweat. Something he really liked about the machine was told to me here, as he loved the better grip that the rack provided. As he sweated, he found that his hands no longer slipped, like they do in his normal gym. 

Finally, he put the finishing touches to his session, by adding his weights onto the machine. Normally using them on their own, he loved the easy storage system the rack offered. It allowed him to still move around and perform over exercises without having to stop and start too much to find weights. Having the rack as added support meant that he could do his routine to the best of his ability,which he later told me was better than normal. 

Overall, the Raptor F22 power rack helped my brother to perform one of the best workouts he has ever done. Now a firm fixture at his house, it has become the families machine of choice, which everyone fights over. At around £880, it is quite expensive, however, when all your gym needs can be met using it, it will end up saving you a lot of money in the end, as there is no longer a need to pay gym memberships. Something my brother has now given up. 

The Raptor F22 power rack is a great gift for the exercise lover in your home lovelies, so head to their website to find out more. You can also find lots of other great machines on their site too. Just make sure to get them quick, because from how my brother reacted they won’t be around for long! 

Joey X

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