Tracklements New Sauces are Raising the Temperatures Summer!


Hello Lovelies, 

It is safe to say that July did not bring the heatwave that we were all expecting! Whilst there was a few days of sunshine, it was a bit of a washout in regards to the temperature front. There so, when the news came that the summer heat was being brought to life in other ways, I was interested. 

Tracklements, who are well known for their sauces and chutneys, have created three brand new hot sauces to raise temperatures galore. From Smokin’ Chipotle to Rocket Hot, their new products have been created to help bring a new kick to any dish. So, I had to put them to the test. 

Grabbing my mum, a person that adores spice, I took a few tortilla chips and placed each sauce on to them. I didn’t tell her out of the three, which also includes the Sriracha Chilli one, which was which, allowing her to get the full force instantly. 

Starting with the mild one first, she hinted that the smoky heat was lovely. Inspiring her to think up a recipe she would include it in, she stated that she would use it on or in chilli or chicken based dishes. My mum thought it would be a perfect sauce in fact for a burger. 

The next one was the Sriracha based sauce. I knew this one would be a bit hotter, but hopefully not to bad for her. Placing it into her mouth, she found that the kick from it was almost automatic. Definitely hotter than the one before, but still perfect for nachos, chicken or beef based dishes she stated. She even stated that it could be a good sauce to mix into a shepherds or cottage pie for a hidden element. 

Finally, we moved onto the hottest one. Now my mum can handle heat, but I was worried with how her mouth would take to a rocket level of spice. Filled with scotch bonnet chillies, the smell of the spice was strong. Even I could sense the heat on the small crisp. 

She was shocked by how much the spices came out straight away. Stating that the sauce would be better mixed into a dish, such as a curry, she said she couldn’t have a lot of it, but that she really liked the bold flavour.

Priced at £3.75 each, the bottles are a great size and will last a long time. You don’t need much of them to make a dish have a little extra kick. However, I will have to admit that these should be avoided on a really hot day, because the spice could blown your mind. 

Each bottle would look super fancy at any gathering, especially BBQs, when we finally get the sunshine back. Though, they are also perfect to mix into everyday dishes that need that extra zing. Tracklements have made sure that whilst the weather may not be heating up, their products will make sure you feel the temperatures rising perfectly!

Joey X

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