Ready For Halloween and Christmas? Me Too!


Morning Lovelies,

Do you ever get so excited for a certain time of the year? Recently, I was in my local supermarket and they had rows of back to school items. When I see these, I automatically feel like a new year is about to begin. A refresher for the first eight months! 

It’s the time when I start to think about what the cooler months of the year bring. A time when I feel more me. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the sunshine and warming feels of summer. However, I come alive during autumn and winter. 

I seek to spend my days getting ready for Halloween and Christmas. Hearing the festive songs playing on the radio. The cheesy films taking over our TVs. The scary masks and bright fairy lights being put on display. I simply love it. 

Writing this post has got me so excited. I can’t wait to just embrace it all again. I’m someone who actually gets quite sad in the summer. I never feel like there is much to do during June, July and August. There aren’t many big events in the UK and nothing to plan for. Unless you are going to school or university. 

For me, I’m not ready to let them go. I’m ready for the Ho, Ho, Ho of Santa and the spooks of skeletons! Who else is with me? 

I’m thinking that now is as good as time as any to get that tree out and the pumpkins prepped! The cosy months are coming and I can’t wait! 

Joey X

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