What Did I Get For My Birthday This Year?


Hello Lovelies, 

Nearly a whole month has passed since I celebrated my 28th birthday, so I thought it would be quite nice to share what I got. I’m not a massive birthday lover, but my mum went all out for me this year. 

I’m a true big kid at heart, with much of this stuff aimed at them. Everything though captures me for who I am and that’s why I loved each and every one of them. Here is what I got…

Black Barbie T-Shirt, Asda: If you don’t know that I am a Barbie fan yet, then you will be able to tell from lots of upcoming blogs and previous ones. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this shirt online, but it has a vintage look and feel, with a huge print on the back. 

Romeo & Juliet T-Shirt, Asda: Okay, so there was only really one reason I wanted this too. Mr Leonardo DiCaprio. Especially when it is 90s Leo! Nothing can be beat!

LEGO Floral Centrepiece Set, Amazon: Currently, I am trying to create all of the flower designs that LEGO are making. I’ve done bouquets, Bonsai trees and now I am embarking on this centrepiece. It is going to go in the middle of our dining room table when complete.

Bluey Winton Toy, Many Toy Shops: I love Bluey so much! Every character, every episode, just everything about it is perfect. Especially Winton! If you haven’t seen the latest episodes of the show on Disney Plus, then you need to, because Winton’s episode is epic!

Juicy Pineapple Candle, Yankee Candles: Everyone who knows me knows I love a candle. There was a bit of a pineapple theme surrounding my birthday this year, so the candle was very fitting. Plus, it is perfect for summer too.

Sleep Mist, Sanctuary: Ever since I was in hospital, I have really struggled to sleep. Falling, being and staying asleep. Yet, this mist makes me conk out in no time at all. Honestly, a few spritz’s of this all over my bed and I am gone.

Barbie Movie Uno Cards, Aldi: For less than £6, these were a steal at Aldi. We haven’t played them yet, but I have to say I am a bit of an epic Uno player. I once entered a competition playing it. I’m sure that my mum will be challenged to a game very soon.

From my incredible friends, I received a beautiful bunch of flowers, a hanging heart decoration, a Little Miss Princess travel cup, an amazing book voucher and a Bluey drawing book with Joey socks all the way from Australia!

My brother Gio kindly looked after us on the big day too and I want to thank him and my nephew Leo for looking after us so well. Although, I did have to hear him moaning about me being in the shower aha! 

I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging with this post lovelies! I would never want to come across that way! I am sharing the blog as a bit of fun, which I always intend to do. I hope you all liked it! 

Joey X 

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