My New Food and Brand Discoveries in July 2023


Good Morning Lovelies, 

The end of June and the month of July were filled with refreshing food finds. Lots of them are salad and fruit based. A pure mixture of sweet and savoury too, meaning they have helped to prepare lots of different dishes, including my birthday meal. I find that when the weather is warmer, it is easier to think up certain dishes, especially salad based ones, which makes new food discoveries a bit easier. 

Here are five finds that I have recently discovered and enjoyed…

Blackberries: Ages ago I adored blackberries! My neighbours husband works on a fruit stall and he got me loads once. Yet, after changing to raspberries I became scared of them. So, when I tried them again during my stay with my brother, I was so happy to enjoy them again. Super sweet, great with rice krispies and warmed up in the bowl, they were pure perfection. 

Fresh Salad Bags: From Tesco’s to Sainsbury’s, I have been managing to enjoy salads again, buying easy to use salad bags from both supermarkets. I like to have them portioned out, otherwise my head starts freaking out a little bit, so these 80g bags are perfect to simply put on my plate. I am loving the butterhead salads from Tesco’s at the moment, but have also tried the House Salad pot and a Sainsbury’s crisp salad bag too. 

Aldi Spanish Forest Squeezy Honey: Having not been familiar with Spanish Forest honey before spotting it in Aldi, I decided to try and give this one a go. I drizzled it onto my cereal in the morning and adored it. 

Hartley’s Pineapple Jam: On my birthday I like to have foods that I have never had before. This year, I wanted my normal bagel, but wanted to take a change from my normal topping of apricot conserve. After a lot of time spent in the jam and spreads aisle, I decided on the Hartley’s Pineapple Jam. Sweet, full of pineapple chunks and perfect on a cinnamon bagel and spread on apple slices too, this was a subtle but lovely find to enjoy. 

Courgetti: When the warm weather was upon us, I wanted something cooling to enjoy for dinner. Courgettes were once a safe food, but I decided to change them up in meals to different foods, which then led to them becoming a fear food. With the help of my mum, we worked together to make dishes with them, landing on courgetti. I love to enjoy it with some red cabbage mixed in and covered in pasta sauce. Perfect hot or cold and in all weather. 

A New Brand I Have Discovered: Bahlsen Butter Leaves Cookies - Okay, so I haven’t had these yet, but I have been brave and brought this to try and have soon. I used to love Bahlsen chocolate covered biscuits - I even ate a whole pack in one once - so I have high hopes that I am going to like these. Although I won’t be eating the whole pack this time. In fact, I will probably share most of them with my mum, but if I even attempt them I will be proud of myself. 

What new food finds have you enjoyed recently lovelies? 

Joey X

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