Diary of Murders Book Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Upon receiving this book, I was beyond proud. For a long time, I have know the incredible Sarah Cook, having met through blogging and now I call her a forever friend. Over the past few years, I have seen her work tirelessly to create a novel that everyone will enjoy. A book that I couldn’t wait to finally read. 

Kindly, Sarah gifted me an early copy of the book and instantly I stopped reading my other to delve in. Called Diary of Murders, the book is surrounded by romance, gothic tropes and history. All from the first page! 

It’s gripping, hard hitting and above all else a real page turner. I couldn’t put it down. The 1800s had me wanting to travel back in time to see what the characters were going through. Even the dark very mature moments, which were incredibly intense but vital to the story. 

Both leading figures, Miriam and John, are likeable and also relatable at times. This makes the reading process even more pleasurable. Especially when I can see the lovable nature of Sarah in each one too. 

The book isn’t suitable for those under 18, yet if you are after a book this summer with a difference then you have to pick it up. It’s a read that will have you turning each page quickly, seeking out those autumnal months by the end. 

Honestly, I couldn’t be more proud of the book and Sarah. Seeing, feeling and reading all of the hard work that has gone into each page was a true joy. I could sense Sarah in the characters. In the setting. In the story. After so many years of waiting to grab myself a copy, I will never ever not share it with others. 

Everyone deserves to read it. To share its magic. To bring it into everyone’s lives. Sarah is a true genius and she needs to have her work seen. Because whilst many keep their diaries secret, this one needs to be let out for all to embrace!

Sarah! You are a star and the world is about to find out why! Definitely a book worthy of…

5 Stars

Joey X

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