Amazon Made In Italy Is Back For Another Year! My Top Five Picks…


Good Morning Lovelies,

As many of you know, I am part Sicilian, thanks to my incredible dad. Over the course of my life, I have visited the beautiful Italian island and celebrated in the culture, lifestyle and wonders of it. I’m so incredibly proud to be half Italian, meaning when it comes to the national Italian Republic Day, I have to celebrate. 

Something Amazon also believe we should all do, as they have created a special Amazon Made In Italy week. Full of fantastic deals and products, I decided to take a look to help recreate the Mediterranean at home. These were a few of my favourite things…

Aperol Aperitivo 70cl, £13: Could there be any better drink to enjoy on a sandy beach under the sun than this? Grab your sunnies and sit back in your garden with a glass of this whilst picturing those beautiful blue seas. 

Parrot Corkscrew, £36.46: However, if you fancy a darker juicy grape red or a bitter white wine from the gorgeous country then make sure to open it in style. I can picture this brightly coloured corkscrew laying on the side, as a big Italian family get together occurs. Standing out on its own, it will become the talking point at any gathering or party. 

Polaroid Sunglasses, £27.36: Now you can’t explore the wonders of Italy without looking stylish. Milan is the forerunner in fashion throughout Italy, but you can be fashionable anywhere with this reflecting beauties. Pop them on and lay back under the sun. 

Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, £26.47: Famed for its incredible tasting olive oil, bring some into your home in a very stylish way. The Italians know that food is life and this bottle is proof that they show it in all manners. Truly stunning! 

Bialetti Moka Express Italia Coffee Maker, £29.66: Growing up, I never saw my dad without a coffee. If he had had this back then, I know he would have been using it all the time. Decorated in the Italian flag colours, it will stand out in any kitchen, showcasing the most beautiful Italian coffee. Because let’s be honest, they do make it the best! 

Have you ever been to Italy lovelies? Where or what is your favourite thing about it? Amazon Made in Italy has so many products to help you celebrate the national holiday and summer season, so take a look now! You will be feeling like you are in the Mediterranean before you know it! 

Joey X

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