My May 2023 Monthly Favourites


Good Morning Lovelies,

May. Oh May. What a random but sunny month you were! I had a few personal things happen this month, which were very emotional. Yet, they definitely made me reflect on the good things in life.

Including these May 2023 monthly favourites…

My Favourite Book: Chinglish by Sue Cheung - I stumbled across this book in my local library and loved it. Completely different from what I was expecting, it hooked me on and I read it within two days. Honestly I just couldn’t put it down!

My Favourite TV Show/Film: Absolutely Dyer: Danny and Dani Do Italy - I saw this advertised in a TV magazine, yet I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved it! Every evening, I made it my nightly watch and now I need more episodes. Both Dyer’s are hilarious, making it a soothing watch for the soul.

My Favourite Food Find: Two Chicks Egg Whites - I used to have these a lot and make fluffy omelettes with them. However, after I stopped eating them, I got scared to have them. This last month, I brought some and tried them in a new way. Scrambled with potatoes, covered in ketchup. The perfect breakfast for dinner or any time of the day really dish.

My Favourite Beauty Item: Aldi Coconut and Shea Butter Body Wash - Aldi do some amazing beauty products and this new body wash is one of them. It’s a dupe of a well-known brand, but has such a great smell that I personally think it is better. Anything coconut I am a sucker for! It’s like a holiday in a bottle!

My Favourite Podcast: Live Laugh Love by Ladbaby Podcast - My mum is obsessed with Ladbaby and his wife, so when we heard they were starting a podcast, I was very excited! Honest and open in lots of ways, they bring humour and comedy on a Thursday that truly makes me smile. 

My Favourite Experience: Eurovision - Okay, so I didn’t go to the Eurovision Song Contest, but I bloody loved all of the build up, coverage and actual show. It is pure cheese and innocence. It’s a place where freedom flows in all forms. What honestly could be better than that? Plus, I even stayed awake for mostly all of it!

What did you love during the month of May? Let me know! 

Joey X

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