My May 2023 Dinner Plan


Good Morning Lovelies, 

May was a month to try and bring new things I once loved or enjoyed again. I made a huge change in the morning with my breakfast, as I don’t measure my milk with my cereal anymore. A scary element that I hope to continue. 

There was also a few changes at dinner, which I thought I would share with you all…

Monday: Asda 25p Stuffing, Sweet Potato Slices, Asparagus and Lighter Than Light Aldi Mayonnaise - Nothing new here at the moment lovelies.

Tuesday: Homemade Vegetable Shepherds Pie with White or Red Cabbage and Aldi Reduced Sugar and Salt Ketchup - Not a big change this month, however, I have been changing up what is going into the pie. Right now, I am obsessed with loads of sweetcorn being in it. I have also added steamed cabbage, either crunch white or red, to the top and ketchup as well. It’s a soothing dish. 

Wednesday: New York Bakery Plain Bagel with Rowse Set Honey, Apple and Haribo Sweets - No changes have happened on this night lovelies, apart from the fact that I have returned back to Rowse’s Set Honey, which is the best of the best if I do say so. 

Thursday: Roasted Cauliflower, Raw Carrots Chips and Sugarsnap Peas with Lighter Than Light Aldi Mayonnaise - Last month, I was roasting these in a bag with spices. Yet, I was finding that the spices were too strong on my stomach and upsetting them a lot. So, we decided to roast the cauliflower and peas in plain bags, which I add the chopped carrot chips to once done cooking. I then top and rub in the mayonnaise, getting a rich topping on the cauliflower, which is superb. 

Friday: New York Bakery Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with Aldi Apricot Conserve, Apple and a Biscuit - Nothing new on this day at the moment. 

Saturday: Microwaved Irish Porridge with Honey - I was finding that I was taking a long time making my porridge on the stove, so I decided to try it in the microwave. Honestly, it has changed everything! Quicker, with less waste and spills, it makes the perfectly textured porridge for me. Irish porridge is great as a breakfast for dinner dish. 

Sunday: Steamed Potato Slices with Two Chicks Egg Whites Scrambled and Aldi Reduced Sugar and Salt Ketchup - Okay, so this is an entirely different meal from last month. My dad always loved eggs with potato slices fried, whilst I was a scrambled eggs person. Steaming the potatoes makes them soft and tasting like a hash brown, whilst the eggs whites scrambled are light and fluffy to eat. I too this with absolutely loads of ketchup. I mean loads! 

As always, this is a plan that I don’t think or feel you should copy. I just like to write it down to see the progress and changes I may have made, which make me happy. What have you all been enjoying this month lovelies? Is the summer sunshine leading to a few BBQ changes? Let me know!

Joey X

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