Book of the Month: May 2023


Good Morning Lovelies,

Again, I thought I would keep to the one book a month post and share with you all my favourite from May. It’s been a whole 31 days of partying galore, but also a time for personal reflection, which led me to reading a lot more. Especially YA based books, which I will always adore. 

Heading into my local library, I quickly decided to just grab a book off the shelf and read that. I love a romance page turner, however, I like them when they aren’t too cheesy. This month’s book was exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. It was…

Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed

Telling the story of two teenagers called Jamie and Maya, it captures them as they begin to work together on a local election. One that could change their lives forever. Along the way they begin to fall for each other. However their faiths and beliefs don’t always lead to an easy time for them both. 

It was a really gripping book and considering I just picked it up off the shelf quickly, I really enjoyed it. Sometimes the unexpected can be just what you need and this book was exactly that. 

Definitely have a read, even if you aren’t a teenager. It is a book that will teach you something, even if you are older than it is aimed at. I really enjoyed it and can’t recommend this one enough. 

Joey X

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