What Does “You Look Well” Mean To You?


Good Morning Lovelies, 

What does the quote, “You look well,” mean to you? It’s an odd one really isn’t it! Recently, a few people have said it to me and whilst the part of my brain that understands and wants to get better doesn’t mind it, my illness hates it. 

Ed the Dickhead, the name we refer to my anorexia as, doesn’t know what people mean by it. Therefore leading to me automatically thinking it means I have gained loads of weight. Often then leading to triggering side effects, which my mum has had to stop me from doing or thinking. 

It’s upsetting on every level. I don’t want to think that way, but it is how my head takes that quote on. And it got me thinking, is it actually a good saying? And what does it even mean? 

Having had a little Google, I found that people often say it to those who look healthy. Glowing. Have a thing of beauty about them. Yes, there are also those who see it like me and others who see it as something you would say to someone who has lost weight. It’s all so confusing. Leading to me believing that actually, maybe, we shouldn’t be saying it at all. 

I know it is only a quote and maybe because of how I am I am thinking too much into it. However, if I get triggered by it and others are too, is there not a better way we could express something? Maybe say how that person looks better. 

For example, if you mean their colour is good, say they have a lovely glow or tan or rosy red cheeks. A twinkle in their eye. Compliment their clothes or their hair. NEVER mention weight, there is no need to. Speak about their smile. How gorgeous everyone’s is. Something like this makes a lot more sense.

It is a well thought out process instead of a quick quote that could linger for days. I have started to say or ask people not to say that to me. It’s important for my health that my appearance doesn’t really get mentioned, otherwise Ed doesn’t shut up. I can speak about my eyes though. I can speak about my clothes and my hair. Just don’t tell me I look well. Odd yes, but very helpful in doing so. 

What do you think lovelies? Is it me letting Ed over think things? Or do you feel the same? We are all in our rights to think or say what we do, but next time, just be a little careful! Oh and by the way, I love the colour of your eyes! 

Joey X

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