Celebrate World Bee Day With My Top Five Honey Buys


Good Morning Lovelies,

Recently, I found out that on the 20th May it is World Bee Day! Who would have thought it? Well, as a lover of honey, I couldn’t let it slip me by without celebrating. 

Bees are amazing creatures, who help us in lots of different ways. Especially when it comes to flavouring our foods. From pure honey to sticky sweet delights, honey is fantastic. Yet, it can be costly. However, it doesn’t need to be!

As someone who has honey every day, in some shape or form, I have a cupboard stocked full of different types. Some have cost a bit more than others, but all have a winning place in my heart. So to prepare for the big event, I thought I would give you my top five honey pots and drizzles to enjoy…

Rowse Dark and Rich Honey, £3, All Supermarkets: Probably my favourite honey ever, I absolute adore this and can’t not have it stocked up in my cupboard. There is always two in my main cupboard, with another stored away in my room in case there is ever a shortage. I know this seems a little wild, but I just love it that much. Perfect with porridge in every way. 

Specially Selected Orange Blossom Honey, £2.99, Aldi: One of the first blossom based honey’s I tried, this is super tasty with lots of flavour. Another great topping for cereals and porridge. 

Rowse Spreadable Honey, £3, All Supermarkets: Okay, so trust me on this! Get a jar of this, heat it up a little bit in the microwave, grab a packet of New York Bakery Plain Bagels and cut one in half. Then on each slice, pour and spread the set honey on top! When you eat it, it is like a glazed donut! Simply amazing! There is no other set honey like it! 

Squeezy Organic Mexican Wildflower Honey, £3.49, The Groovy Food Company: Another true gem for me, this is a special honey now. I used to be able to buy it in Tesco’s, however, they seem to not stock it anymore, so it has become a special buy. Full of flavour and perfect with everything it is added to, you will not be disappointed with it. Another one that I have a spare bottle of in my room.

Rowse Runny Honey, £3, All Supermarkets: Simple but brilliant, this is a subtle but great honey that can often be found on offer. If you prefer a plain honey then this is the one for you. Although, I will say that Aldi’s Squeezy Honey (£1.29), tastes very much like it too.

A few others that I have tried and loved include the Fortnum and Mason’s Squeezy Honey Bear, the Asda Set Honey, Tesco’s Set Honey and the brilliant Aldi Set Honey, which I really hope that they bring back soon. 

In my cupboard, I have tons and am always on the look out for a new flavour to try, so do let me know which honey is your favourite and I will look out for it! 

Joey X

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