London Pottery are Brightening Our Winters With Their Newest Range


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With the new year upon us, it is time to spring clean our homes, ready to welcome the warmer months. Yet, with a bit of a way to go, those cold nights and darker days can make it harder to do. 

Thankfully, I have found the perfect company to help change this. Fresh from the Cook, Serve, Enjoy website, the company have joined forces with London Pottery to make a beautiful Viscri Meadow range that will stand out in any kitchen or dining area. 

Reflecting a beautiful blue and floral pattern, the design seems like one you could imagine having been on the Queen’s table. It simply reflects sunshine upon unboxing. 

Kindly, I was gifted the tea cup and saucer, cake stand and teapot to try by the team. Instantly, I pictured afternoon teas or cosy Sunday dinner cakes being displayed on the stand. Whilst the tea cup, saucer and teapot would make any afternoon or special occasion even better. 

Priced from £21.49, the products may not be completely affordable. Yet, the materials, make and overall feel is worth the investment, as all of the items have been built to last. From the paint work to the overall ceramics, each piece really shows that care has been taken. 

Plus, they can all go into the dishwasher safely and have features that other creators don’t include. For example, the saucer has higher sides to catch all drips. As does the cake stand, which means that all the bakes featured on it won’t fall off. 

With so much detail, care and attention put into making these products, something I know will have been done with the other items in the range too, you can know that your tables and occasions will look so fancy with them. I can’t wait until Easter, as these will look brilliant on our festive table. 

However, for now, I love having them out in the kitchen, adding a splash of sunshine, since all the Christmas lights have come down. To find out more about the brand, head to their website to discover what other pieces could catch you eye. These beautiful blue finds are a true gem to the eye! 

Joey X

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