Waken’s Changing The Way With This Whitening Collection


Good Morning Lovelies,

Many of you will know that when it comes to dental hygiene, I find it to be the most important part of my self-care regime. I will spend hours cleaning, flossing, interdental using and mouth washing to get the best teeth. 

A few months ago, I came across the brand Waken. With the first thing I noticed being the shape and style of the bottle, I couldn’t help but believe that it was a designer brand. However, with a sustainable approach, the Waken whitening collection is one that all can use to give their teeth the best dental care. 

Highly effective, vegan friendly and full of natural flavours, Waken have begun to make collections for around £20, which include everything you may need to make your mouth shine. Kindly, I was given one to try and it was fantastic. 

Featuring the Waken Whitening Mouthwash, Waken Peppermint Dental Floss, a Waken wooden toothbrush, Waken Whitening Toothpaste, a stainless steel mouthwash cup and a toothpaste squeezer key to make sure you get all of the product out, the kit was full to the brim with all that I use. 

Not to overpowering in taste, but able to give me a great fresh breath, I was amazed at the results from the first go. Not having to use a lot of mouthwash, after being guided by the cup, I got a pleasant taste, which was matched by the toothpaste. 

Guided onto the brush with ease, my teeth felt super clean and I know that the brand will now be one I turn to a lot in the future. Knowing I am making a difference, whilst the brand are helping me to stay well is a massive bonus for me. 

I know it may not be an affordable buy for all, yet many shops stock the items individually. Quite a lot of the time on offer. This will probably be the way I buy the items, especially the mouthwashes in the future. However, having seen and felt the way that Waken have changed my dental care in a short amount of time has made the cost of each item so with it to me. 

There are loads of other items available by the brand, but seeing the collections and what they feature, I can’t get enough of the whitening ones. These will definitely be brought again. I am literally so so impressed by them.

Waken have a fabulous website that explain everything about their beliefs, products and aims. Plus, they have a great shop on there to help you find the right one. Head on over there now to have your dental life changed forever. I promise you will not be at a floss with this one! Sorry! 

Joey X

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