Feel Royal With The New Fireheart Coffee Palace Blend



Good Morning Lovelies, 

Home is where the coffee is. Well, according to my mum. The woman makes a pot of coffee as soon as she wakes up and continues enjoying it throughout the day. There isn’t a cut off point for her at all. She simply loves it. Including the smell, which I have to agree with her on. 

With the coffee world continuing to change to become more economical, brands are showing up all over. Including the brilliant, Fireheart Coffee. From pods, bags and machines, they are revolutionising the coffee world with new flavours and discoveries.

Kindly, the company reached out to me to ask if I would like to try their Palace Blend flavour. Made up of notes of dark chocolate, morello cherry and candied orange, you can instantly smell the blend as soon as the box arrives. Opening it up just makes it more intense. 

Created for Christmas, the blend is a royal treat for all that have it. Making a pot in a cafetière, my mum couldn’t wait to get stuck in, with the smell swirling around the house.

Perfect as a flat white, the drink is a pure mixture of sweet and classic coffee flavours, with my mum stating that it would be perfect both in the morning and afternoon.

Due to be released on the 1st November, mum and me both agreed that the big bags that it comes in would look fab in a homemade hamper. They will bring a sense of decadence to any creation and if you are a coffee lover you can’t go wrong with this new brand, according to my mum. 

Fireheart Coffee are working hard to make a difference and these coffees are going to be a huge hit this Christmas. From classic to new flavours, you will be taking endless sips of this during the festive period. I am sure of it!

Joey X

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