Five of the Best Toys From Amazon This Year


Good Morning Lovelies,

What did you always want for Christmas when you were little lovelies? For me, I always wanted the Cadbury’s chocolate dispenser and the Playdough Dentist set. However, I never got them. 

Yet, it didn’t make the toys I got at Christmas any less special. In fact, it was the surprises that made the gift giving so special. Luckily, brands are on hand to help make those surprises easier, including Amazon, who have announced their top ten toys for 2022. 

From hair braiding dolls to squishy friends, they have truly got everything to make present buying easy this year. Having taken a look at them, these are my top five picks that even at 27 I want: 

Pictionary Air Star Wars Edition, £19.99: May the force be with the teams who play this. Much like Pictionary Air, this new version has a stylish pen that makes drawing key characters from the film easy. It may lead to lightsaber battles though, so so be careful with who you play against.

CRAYOLA Colour 'n' Style Mermaid Friends: Hair Braiding Salon Playset, £21.95: The mermaid trend is going nowhere lovelies, especially with this new toy from Crayola. Children will be able to style, colour in and makeover their own mermaid over and over again, with this never ending designer toy.

PLAYMOBIL City Life Recycling Truck, £24.99: Teach the little ones in your life the importance of recycling early, with this inventive truck. Including dolls, bins and key mechanics, they will be cleaning up more than a parent with a bag collecting wrapping paper on Christmas Day.

Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit, £34.29: The child in me who never got the Playdough dentist kit wants this badly. Made to help educate children, this set has everything a dentist may need. From toothbrushes to braces, they will be a budding dental worker before you know it.

LEGO Friends Horse Show, £89.99: Many if you know that when it comes to LEGO I love it. It is dotted all around my home. There are no themes, which makes me want this mega set even more. Perfect to play with or to display, it will definitely have you building the week between Christmas and New Year away.

Which toy do you want lovelies? To find out more of what Amazon have to offer, head on over and take a browse. I know that LEGO section is going to be raided. The LEGO set is super dreamy to me! 

Joey X 

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